OMG!!! DID YOU SEE M.I.A FLIP OFF THE CAMERA DURING MADONNA’S HALFTIME SHOW???: MADONNA'S halftime show is getting mixed reviews, and while there weren't any wardrobe malfunctions, there was middle finger malfunction.

M.I.A. provided the performance's only controversy when she gave viewers the bird as she and Nicki Minaj joined Madonna on stage for their song, "Give Me All Your Luvin." Both NBC and the NFL released statements apologizing for the inappropriate gesture ...

MADONNA, as we said, lived up to the no wardrobe malfunction promise, although at one point when her dancers flipped her upside-down, there was a whole lotta crotch showing ...

 DEMI MOORE CHECKS INTO SWANKY REHAB: DEMI MOORE is finally seeking help. E! is reporting that Moore is on “total lockdown” at the ultra-posh Cirque Lodge treatment center in Sundance, Utah, and is reportedly being treated for an eating disorder and addiction issues. According to the gossip site's source, "“It became clear to [Demi] that her way of coping with her stress was not working and she needed more help.”

Meanwhile ... TMZ has jumped on the tabloid bandwagon that her hospitalization was a result of her desperate attempt to stay young by spending weeks partying. The site reports that about a week before she was rushed to the hospital, Moore attended the birthday party for MILEY CYRUS' boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth. The same party where Miley was photographed licking Liam's penis cake!!! Sources say Demi was hanging out with her daughter Rumer and some of her young friends, drinking Red Bull all night.  A few days later, just before collapsing after supposedly inhaling nitrous oxide, Demi was seen clubbing with Rumer around Hollywood.

IN DENIAL - KIM KARDASHIAN: KIM KARDASHIAN has denied via Twitter last week's rumor that she's dating New York Jets quarterback MARK SANCHEZ. She tweeted, quote, "Dating rumors are always fun when you don't even know the people your supposedly linked to! Who makes this stuff up!"

In other Kardashian Knews ... KHLOE KARDASHIAN is claiming self defense in a suit being brought against her by a transgender woman. Chantal Spears sued back in December claiming Khloe attacked her outside a Hollywood nightclub back in 2009 after Chantal told LAMAR ODOM he was "too young to be married." Chantal claims the attack was unprovoked and came out of nowhere, but in Khloe's response filed last week, she claims Chantal provoked HER and that her conduct "was reasonably necessary for her self-defense and safety."

DAVID BECKHAM WANTS YOU TO KNOW IT’S ALL HIM IN THOSE UNDERWEAR ADS: Many who've seen DAVID BECKHAM'S underwear print ads couldn't help but wonder if he had some help – digital or otherwise, to fill out it those undergarments. Well, Becks want you to rest assured he is not stuffing his shorts. "Well, let's just say I've been told I don't need any help in that department. I think I'm pretty okay,” he told London’s The Mirror.

R.I.P - BEN GAZZARA: Legendary actor BEN GAZZARA died of pancreatic cancer Friday in New York City. Gazzara, who appeared in 'The Big Lebowski' and 'Roadhouse', and was probably best known to TV viewers for the 1965 series 'Run for Your Life' was 81.