LINDSAY SLACKING ON THE CONDITIONS OF HER PROBATION: LINDSAY LOHAN court appearances have become synonymous with drama, and her progress hearing yesterday was no exception.

Judge Sautner got all up in Linds grill after finding out she's only completed four of her 60 days of community service. "I'm not going to give her five extra minutes," warned the judge. "I don't want to hear, 'Oh, I couldn't do it because I was on the set of the John Gotti movie.'" LL has 10 more months to complete her community service or her probation will be revoked.

The judge was also upset that Lindsay hasn't enrolled in psychological counseling, as she's been ordered to do. Lindsay claimed she couldn't afford the treatment, even though she showed up in $1,200 shoes and is renting a multi-million dollar home right now. Judge Sautner told her to figure out a way, even if she has to put it on a friend's credit card, and gave her 21 days to enter counseling or her probation will be revoked.

The judge also gave her until October 19th to complete a Shoplifters Avoidance Program or ... all together now ... her probation will be revoked.

JENNIFER LOPEZ ALMOST LEFT MARC ANTHONY TWICE BEFORE: Now that JENNIFER LOPEZ and MARC ANTHONY have split up, we're hearing more and more about how it was a question of when not if. According to "Star" magazine, J.Lo has been wanting this divorce since last year. “Jen told him she wanted out of the marriage late last year but he begged her to stay,” one source told the tab. “She stayed but she was miserable until finally she couldn’t take it anymore.”

Meanwhile ... "Us Weekly" reports that the marriage almost ended two years ago after Anthony allegedly became a member of The Mile High Club with a stewardess on a private plane. "Marc and Jennifer almost split up over it," said the source. "Jennifer was going to leave him but Marc begged her to stay." He sure does that a lot. "They went to marriage counseling and decided to give it another shot."

KIM KARDASHIAN NOT PERFECT!!! DOCTORS DISCOVER FLAW WITH HER BODY!!!: Our appetite for breaking news updates about KIM KARDASHIAN'S body will never be satiated. So it's my duty to bring you latest ...

It turns out her voluptuous body is not without flaws. Days after photogs noticed a bunch of spots on her legs, Life & Style is reporting that Kim suffers from the heartbreak of PSORIASIS - a condition that causes dry patches on the skin, which generally turn red and flaky. (--Her mother, KRIS, also suffers from psoriasis and it can be passed down genetically.)

And Kim is said to be very concerned that it could damage her career, which hinges primarily on her looks. “People don’t understand the pressure on me to look perfect,” Kim said. She'll discuss her psoriasis on this Sunday's episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians".

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS FOR FRIDAY JULY 22 Include Selena Gomez and Don Henley


ROMANCE REPORT - SCARLETT' HAS A NEW MAN: SCARLETT JOHANSSON doesn’t stay single for long. This month she’s supposedly dating “Hangover” star JUSTIN BARTHA.

“The New York Post” is making the claim after Scarlett was spotted at the opening of Bartha's off-Broadway play, and the pair was later photographed backstage. If that’s not even proof for you, witnesses tell the Post Johansson and Bartha were also "completely engrossed in each other," during a cast dinner. “They seemed pretty fascinated with each other and only talked to each other. It looked sometimes flirty, but also they seemed to be involved in a deep discussion."

ROMANCE REPORT - ANISTON AND BOYFRIEND CAUGHT HOLDING HANDS:Things seem to be going well between JENNIFER ANISTON and new beau JUSTIN THEROUX. Not only are they reportedly “pre-engaged”, but photographers actually caught them holding hands at her London premiere of “Horrible Bosses”!!!

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

It’s a big deal because the pair had never before been se