UPDATE - LINDSAY LOHAN DEFENDS ALI; SAYS SHE DIDN'T HAVE SURGERY: LINDSAY LOHAN is defending her 17-year-old sister ALI against allegations that she's had things nipped and tucked by a plastic surgeon. 

Lindsay tells E! News that Ali has *never* had anything done. Ali's modeling agency also denies she's had surgery. They issued a statement stating, quote, "As a young girl who is growing up, it's natural for her facial features to change slightly...Aliana is a beautiful 17 year old girl who is growing into her face and body, as is the norm for someone of her age." Ok, so if her changed appearance didn't come from a surgeons knife, then what? A source close to Ali says she looks so much different because she's lost a lot of weight.

UPDATE - MADONNA "ENTITLED" TO HATE HYDRANGEAS: MADONNA'S rep is defending her hatred for hydrangeas. After Madge dissed a fan's gift of the flowers in a now-viral video, her rep issued the following statement...

"[Madonna is] entitled to like any flower she wants, and she didn't want to hurt the feelings of the hydrangeas of the world. No disrespect to the hydrangeas lovers of the world, but she prefers different types of flowers."


AND LIKE A BAD NEIGHBOR MADONNA'S THERE: For the second time this week, MADONNA got bad news from a court that's allowing a lawsuit against her to proceed.

This time around, she faces the wrath of a former neighbor who claims she and her buddies took part in long training sessions that created "pounding, constant noise" in their building, so much so that "the walls were shaking."

Madonna, who no longer lives in the building in question, wanted the suit dismissed, but a Manhattan Supreme Court Justice ruled that her actions might have violated the neighbor's ability to "think, interact and relax in peace." Madonna's rep denies the claims, describing her as "a wonderful neighbor."

IN DENIAL - NICOLE RICHIE: Nicole Richie went into denial mode yesterday blasting talk of a feud between her and Jessica on the set of their upcoming reality show Fashion Star. Nicole, who was on Ryan Seacrest's L.A radio show, said the rumors  "couldn't be further from the truth." Then added,  "I actually love and adore Jessica."


In related birthday news ... JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS, who turned 30 yesterday, reunited with the cast of "Home Improvement" for an "Entertainment Weekly" photo shoot and PATRICIA RICHARDSON, who played the mom Jill, Tweeted this picture of the get-together ...

And here's "Entertainment Weekly's" official pic ...

CANALIS OPENS UP ABOUT SPLIT WITH CLOONEY: GEORGE CLOONEY's ex, ELISABETTA CANALIS - who's part of the new 'Dancing With the Stars' cast, has opened up about their split.

Rumor had it that Canalis wanted to settle down, but Clooney had no intention of getting hitched. Although she didn't confirm the rumor, she sort of inferred that it was true. "When it comes to love I am a doormat. I'm looking for men who can give me security," She tells Italian magazine Chi.  And apparently picking the wrong guy is nothing new to her. "I have always seen cold and controlled men as the right ones for me," she added.

RICKI LAKE SHOWS US HER PICS: RICKI LAKE became this season's first "Dancing with the Stars" injury yesterday. She Tweeted this picture of her bruised shin and the words"Look, my first injury. Don't ask how it happened."  We didn't ask so she followed that up with, quote, "I injured myself by hitting my heel into my shin."