OPRAH SCORES FIRST POST REHAB INTERVIEW, LINDSAY SCORES BIG BUCKS: She may not be on TV everyday anymore, but OPRAH WINFREY still has pull. Word is Oprah has scored the first post-rehab interview with LINDSAY LOHAN, because, well (1.) she's Oprah, and (2.) she's paying Linds beaucoup bucks.

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Lindsay, who's expected to be a free woman again on July 31st, will tape the interview sometime in August. It will air shortly afterward on Oprah's OWN network. And Lindsay's talk won't come cheap. According to TMZ, it's costing Oprah's network around $2 million. In addition to the paper, Oprah is also footing the bill for two assistants and a stylist. For that, O also gets an eight-episode Lohan "documentary series" which will premiere on OWN sometime next year. There are no further details on the interview or the show at this time.

UPDATE - CORY MONTEITH CAUSE OF DEATH REVEALED: British Columbia coroner's office says the 31-year-old actor died of a "mixed drug toxicity" involving heroin and alcohol.

DID CORY MONTEITH LEAD A DOUBLE LIFE?: CORY MONTEITH'S struggles with substance abuse led to a double life of clean living in L.A., out of control partying in Vancouver. Sources tell TMZ Cory was on the straight and narrow while he was working and always showed up sober to the Glee set. But back home in Vancouver, he'd fall under the influence of his old friends, and drugs and alcohol would always be involved. Family members tried to get in the middle, and girlfriend and Glee co-star LEA MICHELE worked hard to help him -- sadly, to no avail.

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On a related note ... sources tell Us Weekly Cory and Lea Michele were about to take their relationship to the next level. "Lea and Cory were planning on moving in together after he got back from Vancouver," said an insider, adding they, “weren't talking engagement or marriage yet but it was heading that way." Although there were rumors the couple had been estranged at the time of Cory’s death Saturday, the source says that’s not true. “"They were 100 percent happy and together and in love at the time of his death," says the insider.

CORY MONTEITH - ALCOHOL AND OTHER 'SUBSTANCES' REPORTEDLY FOUND IN HIS HOTEL ROOM: E! News is claiming that "numerous amounts of alcohol" were found in the Vancouver hotel room where CORY MONTEITH died over the weekend. The gossip channel also alleges other "substances" were found, but didn't go into detail on what they were.

An official cause of death has not been determined. The British Columbia Coroners Service says it could take several days before toxicology test results are in. Investigators have fast-tracked the autopsy due to the widespread publicity.

Meanwhile ... several gossip sites posted some of the last photos of Cory taken when he was hanging out with friends at a coffee house and clothing store for motorcycle aficionados about a week before his death. The owner told TMZ Cory spent a few hours there and had a few beers, but was not wasted or out of control. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

SNAPSHOT: Who doesn't love to hold a puppy? SIGOURNEY WEAVER, apparently. (PHOTO)

KIM KARDASHIAN SHOWS US HER (IRONIC ZIMMERMAN VERDICT) TWEET: People are ripping KIM KARDASHIAN on Twitter over her recent "no justice" tweet . After the George Zimmerman verdict, Kimmie tweeted …

--"How ironic. Remember when your father helped OJ Simpson walk free? No Justice there either."

--"You are famous because your dad made a murderer go free and you made a sex tape. You are why there's no justice in the world."

--"OMG! Can you imagine what a piece of [crap] that lawyer must be to help set a murderer free? Can you?"

--"No justice eh? Let's play a game of 'Whose dad was OJ Simpson's lawyer?' Oh look, you won!"

KRIS JENNER USES GRANDDAUGHTER TO BOOST RATINGS: Just hours before her talk show premiered Monday morning, KRIS JENNER tricked people into watching. Jenner posted a photo of herself holding a baby on her Facebook page, along with the caption, "Will you be watching today's first episode!? We have a special guest..."


Of course, the assumption that pretty much anyone would make after seeing that is that the baby is KIM'S daughter North West and she was going to be on the show. But it was nothing but a cruel ratings ploy! The baby Kris was holding turned out to be her stylist’s child.

The show is only being test-aired in a few major cities, but the entire first episode is on Youtube. It's bad. She's bad. On the upside, I'm just glad that there's finally a show where we can hear something about Kim Kardashian. I feel like she just doesn't get enough attention and focus.

CHRIS BROWN'S PROBATION REVOKED! WILL HE DO JAIL TIME?!: A judge in California revoked CHRIS BROWN’S probation in connection with the RIHANNA abuse case. Prosecutors yesterday requested the move after Brown was charged with hit and run in connection with an accident last May. [Just being charged with a crime is enough for a probation violation.]

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Chris maintains his innocence, saying he did everything right after the accident. He remains free until his next hearing scheduled for August 18th. He could face up to four years in prison if a judge determines he violated his parole. But, yeah, he probably won’t because, you know, he's famous and it's L.A. Cynical much? :)

MAZEL TOV! KELLY OSBOURNE ENGAGED: The Prince of Freakin’ Darkness is getting a son-in-law. KELLY OSBOURNE is getting married. The E! Fashion Police star has gotten engaged to her boyfriend of one year, Matthew Mosshart. He popped the question during a romantic vacation in Anguilla, according to Britain's Hello! Magazine.

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Kelly tells Hello! her engagement ring was designed to look like one of her father Ozzy Osbourne’s pieces of jewelry. “I designed it to look like an earring that my father wore,” she explained. “I used to hold my finger up to his ear when I was little and say, ‘I want a ring like that.’ Now I have one!”