KRIS HUMPHRIES DOESN'T WANT KIM K'S MONEY - HE JUST WANTS HER TO ADMIT SHE PLAYED HIM: First RUSSELL BRAND didn't want any of KATY PERRY'S money, now sources are saying KRIS HUMPHRIES isn't interested in any of KIM KARDASHIAN'S kash either. What he does want is for her to admit their marriage was a fraud.

The couple had a prenup, but sources say that Kim would be willing to shell out some money to end things smoothly. But according to Radar Online, Kris' lawyers have already said the only terms acceptable for a settlement , quote, "would be if Kim agrees to Kris' contention that the marriage was a fraud."  Word is Humphries, "evidence" is a "fake" conversation Kim had with her mom about the breakup. The conversation, which aired on "Kourtney and Kim Take New York", supposedly took place while Kim and her mom were in Dubai in October. But Kris believes it actually happened on a Hollywood sound stage two months LATER, in December.

Notice what they're wearing in the video above and compare it to what they're wearing in these photos taken of Kim and Kris leaving the aforementioned sound stage.

AAHH!!! FORMER 'HOME ALONE' STAR'S SHOCKING LOOK: It looks as if MACAULAY CULKIN has been left home alone — without any food. Macaulay was spotted out and about in New York City the other day looking a lot skinnier than we've ever seen him ...

His emaciated look has the gossip sites and tabloids buzzing about his health and comparing him to DEMI MOORE. His rep says, quote, "Macaulay Culkin is in perfectly good health. For any media outlet to speculate otherwise is reckless, thoughtless and irresponsible."

CELEBRITY COURT - HALLE BERRY WANTS TO MOVE TO FRANCE:HALLE BERRY'S custody battle with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is getting even more complicated. TMZ reports Halle has filed papers requesting that she be allowed to move to France with their daughter Nahla. She reportedly wants to leave the U.S. because she fears for her life after law enforcement announced a mentally unstable man who escaped from a mental institution last week, has made threats against Halle -- specifically saying he wants to "slit her throat."

Of course, Gabriel is furious over the request, because he believes Halle is using that as a way of keeping his daughter from him. He's also upset because Halle and Nahla will be living with Halle's boyfriend Olivier Martinez if the move is approved.

Meanwhile ... Police are asking Los Angeles area residents for help in locating the man who has already done time for threatening MADONNA.  Robert Dewey Hoskins -- whom police describe as "highly psychotic" and extremely violent -- served a 10-year prison sentence for stalking and threatening Madonna after being convicted by a jury in 1996.  Madge reluctantly testified against the man, who was shot by her personal security after he jumped the fence of her Hollywood Hills home.

ICE-T’S WIFE COCO SHOWS US HER TWEETS … AND THEN SOME: ICE'T'S wife COCO -- famous for both her curves and regularly posting photos of them -- recently uploaded this picture of herself lying apparently naked on a bed with her sister's baby son sleeping next to her. She took it down shortly after posting it, but not before many questioned the inappropriateness of it. What say you? Outrageous and inappropriate, or much ado about nothing? Discuss.

CHRIS BROWN TO REMAIN ON SUPERVISED PROBATION:  A judge ruled yesterday that CHRIS BROWN will continue to remain under the watchful eye of a probation officer as he works to complete the terms of his sentence for beating his then-girlfriend RIHANNA in 2009. Brown's attorney wanted the supervised probation done away with because of his good behavior, but the judge agreed with prosecutors that despite his good behavior, he should continue to report to a probation officer in his home state of Virginia. Another progress hearing was set for July 10.