KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN DNA TEST PROVES SCOTT IS THE FATHER: KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN went the Maury Povich route to prove that SCOTT DISICK is the father of her son.

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Kourtney, who's being sued by a male model named Michael Girgenti for paternity over son Mason, released DNA test results yesterday that puts the probability of Scott being the dad at 99.99 percent. She issued a statement yesterday saying, quote, "While it saddens me to have to address these ridiculous lies, especially when the truth was never in doubt, this story must be put to rest."

Oh if only it was that simple, Kourtney.

Girgenti, who is asking for joint custody claiming he had unprotected sex with her nine months before Mason was born., is calling B.S. He tells TMZ that its possible the Kardashian family rigged the DNA test in their favor and is not satisfied with the results. He wants a court-monitored DNA test conducted.

SNAPSHOTS: If you are saddened by the sight of old people desperately trying to hold on to their youth, do not look at this photo of MADONNA wearing her grill out in public. (PHOTO)

CHRIS BROWN OFF THE HOOK FOR HIT AND RUN: This may come as a shock to you, but CHRIS BROWN ain't going to jail over the hit and run incident. Although the LA City Attorney really wanted Chris prosecuted for the May accident, the victim in the case $ettled her di$pute with Brown and asked for the case to be di$mi$$ed.


Prosecutors argued Brown, who is on felony probation, deserved to be disciplined for being aggressive toward the victim and leaving the scene without providing a valid California driver’s license. The judge disagreed and dismissed the case.

GUESS BEYONCE DIDN'T LIKE HER NEW 'DO EITHER: Well, that didn't last long. One week after chopping off her hair and shocking the world, BEYONCE hit the streets of Miami in one of her many wigs, weaves, or hair extensions. I guess the short pixie cut was even too dramatic for her! (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

AMANDA BYNES TRANSFERRED TO NEW FACILITY: AMANDA BYNES' mom has admitted Bynes to the UCLA Medical Center for further treatment of what doctors think is schizophrenia. Word is her mother chose that particular facility because it has what is considered one of the best psychiatric treatment centers in the nation. TMZ has a photo of Amanda as she's being transferred shielded by a blanket and sporting that infamous blue wig. (PHOTO)

AMERICA LOVES KATY PERRY MORE THAN LADY GAGA: KATY PERRY and LADY GAGA are going head-to-head with brand new albums this fall, and the early returns are giving Katy the edge. Both Katy and Gaga released singles this week, and according to the music bible Billboard, Katy's song "Roar" is out-selling Lady Gaga's "Applause". "Roar" is on pace to sell 450,000 downloads in its first week, which ends this Sunday, while "Applause" is expected to sell somewhere between 200,000 and 250,000 downloads.

CELEBRITIES BEHAVING BADLY: Singer MIGUEL, best known for nearly bashing a fan’s brain when he miscalculated a jump and landed on her at the Billboard Music Awards back in May, was arrested early yesterday morning in Los Angeles for driving drunk.

TMZ reports California Highway Patrol initially pulled over Miguel’s car for speeding and tinted windows, but smelled booze on his breath and administered several field sobriety tests, all of which Miguel failed. He was arrested and booked at a nearby police station and released on $5,000 bail. He’s due back in court next month.

TYRA BANKS SHOWS US HER PICS: TYRA BANKS posted this "throwback" photo of her much younger self with the caption "1 hair & makeup look. 3 outfit changes. 17 years old posin' backstage" ...


WATCH: Just because TOM BRADY gets to ravage GISELE BUNDCHEN any time he wants to doesn't mean he doesn't look at other women ...

R.I.P: Lisa Robin Kelly, who played TOPHER GRACE'S big sister on That '70s Show, died at a California rehab facility Wednesday night. She was 43. The cause of death is pending, but TMZ says their law enforcement source tells them there were no drugs or alcohol in her room, no vomit in her airway, and no obvious sign of trauma.


Her death, while sad, is not all that shocking. She had a long history of substance abuse as well as her share of legal problems over the years -- she'd been arrested at least four times over the past few years, for DUI, spousal abuse and assault. Her agent told TMZ that Lisa had "voluntarily checked herself in for treatment for an alcohol problem" this past week.