SNAP SHOT - KIM K.’S INADVERTENT WARDROBE MALFUNCTION: KIM KARDASHIAN flashed some undie while filming scenes as a guest judge for the ninth season of "Project Runway" ...

WATCH FAN BUM-RUSH MILEY - RIHANNA TRIP AND FALL: A female fan bum-rushed MILEY CYRUS during the final moments of her show in Melbourne, Australia, over the weekend. The fan somehow got up on the stage, and came at Miley from behind. When she got to Miley, she put her arm around her. After the fan came at Miley from behind and made contact, Miley's security quickly took her down and rushed Miley offstage ...

Meanwhile ... RIHANNA tripped and fell during a performance in Edmonton, Canada ...

On a related Rihanna note ... CEE LO GREEN has given Rihanna the big "Forget you" and quit her tour. His rep says it's mostly because of his commitments to the reality show "The Voice":

"He always puts 100% into his work and with the requirements and time commitment to 'The Voice', on top of heading back into the recording studio and an upcoming book, he feels that he wouldn't give his fans the show that they deserve."

DID HUGH HEFNER'S EX TRY TO PAWN ENGAGEMENT RING???!!!: Is CRYSTAL HARRIS trying to pawn off the engagement ring HUGH HEFNER allowed her to keep? Don't look at us, we don't know. But that won't stop us from speculating!

Crystal was spotted by the pesky paparazzi at a jewelry store in La Jolla, California the other day getting the ring appraised. But because she didn't have any of the paperwork, they couldn't do it. So she called the Playboy Mansion for the info and they promised to get back to her. (--Word is the ring is worth $90,000.)

By the way ... TMZ reports the owner of the store supposedly expressed his sympathy over the broken engagement, and Crystal allegedly replied, quote, "Are you kidding? It was all for publicity."

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS for Monday June 27 Include Khloe Kardashian and ‘Spider-man’ Tobey Maguire.

ROMANCE REPORT - JUSTIN AND SCARLETT: Over the last couple of months the tabs would have you believing JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE has dated or is dating MILA KUNIS and OLIVIA WILDE. This week he's hooking up with SCARLETT JOHANSSON.

The not always reliable London Sun claims the pair was together at a club in New York last week and ended the night back at JT’s apartment. The two are said to have left the club about ten minutes apart, but Scarlett was seen walking up the stairs of Justin's place soon after … and she didn't leave the apartment until 10 am the next morning, wearing the same clothes from the night before!!! And you know what that means: wacka, wacka!!!

CELEBRITY INK: JENNIFER ANISTON got her first tatt recently. The ink, on the inside of her right foot, reads, “Norman”, the name of her beloved dog that died this past May.

It’s clear she’s still heartbroken over the loss because Thursday night during a taping of "Inside the Actors Studio", host JAMES LIPTON wrapped up the show with his usual 10 questions shtick, one of which is ‘ What is your favorite word?’ Jen tearfully answered "Norman."

Oh, and Jennifer did not show up to the taping alone. She brought her new man, Justin Theroux, along. An audience member tells RadarOnline, "Whenever there would be a lull, she would just look at him and give him a wink and go back to what she was doing." The interview will air next month.

R.I.P: Actor PETER FALK, best known for his work as the titular character on the TV show ‘Columbo,’“died peacefully” Thursday night at his home in Beverly Hills, CA, according to a statement released by his family. He was 83. No cause of death was offered, but Falk had been suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's.

Here's a scene from "Columbo", in which Lieutenant Columbo says his classic "Just one more thing" line ...