KIM KARDASHIAN SLAMS WEIGHT GAIN REPORTS: There's no question KIM KARDASHIAN has put on some weight. It's to be expected, I mean, come on, girlfriend be pregnant. What is in question is how much weight she's put on.

The gossip rags and gossip sites are claiming she weights 200 pounds -- not that there's anything wrong with that. But in an interview with "Extra", Kim says her candy coated pregnancy goodness isn't as much as it's being made out to be. Claiming she doesn't care how much weight she's gaining, Kim tells the tabloid TV show the problem she has with the number being thrown around is that the tabloids are WAY OFF. By how much, you ask? She says, quote, "You are 60 pounds off here."

I'll save you the trouble of doing the math: Kim wants you to believe she weighs 140 pounds, although recent photos make it seem very unlikely she's telling the truth. (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

To be clear, I am not criticizing Kim's weight -- just the fact that she seems to be lying about it. I mean, she looks like she's carrying 140 pounds on her chest alone. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

DID BRAD PITT AND ANGELINA JOLIE SECRETLY WED?!: Have BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE secretly made THE BIG MISTAKE? That's what the World Wide Web of Celebrity Speculation wants to know after Angelina was spotted at LAX wearing a simple gold band on her wedding finger, instead of the engagement ring she was previously wearing. (PHOTO) So far the couple has not confirmed or denied the speculation.

THE GUY WHO PLOTTED TO CASTRATE AND KILL JUSTIN BIEBER EXPLAINS WHY: Remember the guy who plotted to kidnap, castrate and kill JUSTIN BIEBER while incarcerated in  a Las Cruces prison? Turns out he did it because he was in love with the Bieb. Details magazine has published a lengthy interview with Dana Martin, who was arrested for masterminding the failed plan last year, and he had some (unsurprisingly) creepy things to say.

justinbieber, Instagram

The top -- or is that bottom? -- three quotes from the piece include:

--"He's an attractive kid. Justin Bieber is warm and fuzzy. He's talented. I liked his music."
-- "Would I go to bed with him? Yeah. He's legal, so probably."
-- "If I was free, here's what I'd want to do — put Bieber in a cage, rape him repeatedly and put it on YouTube."

SNAPSHOT: BRITNEY SPEARS in a two piece anyone? Okay! (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

LOHAN LUNACY - LINDSAY DEMANDED REHAB WAIT UNTIL AFTER MUSIC FEST: How serious is LINDSAY LOHAN about turning her life around? This should give you an indication.

Linds reportedly demanded that her lawyer keep her out of rehab until after the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which will take place on two successive weekends in April. According to a Radaronline source, quote, "She didn't want a little thing like rehab to get in her way of attending. Lindsay refused to sign off on any deal that would have prevented her from going to Coachella, period. Yes, it's that important to her."

SNAPSHOT: Check out the fan pic of BEYONCE cradling a sleeping Blue Ivey. The pair was photographed leaving a Brooklyn restaurant on Sunday …


THEN AND NOW: Just last night while admiring 'Housewife' LISA VANDERPUMP'S ageless beauty and booming body on "Dancing With the Stars," I wondered what the 51 year old looked like back in the day -- her prime, if you will.


Well, lo and behold, my questions were answered when Vanderpump chose to share a couple of photos of herself and her husband on last night's show, like the one below from their 1982 wedding day. And quite frankly, I think she's gotten better looking with age. Lisa and hubby Ken Todd renewed their vows after 30 years of marriage on the "Real Houswives of Beverly Hills " finale last night.

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SNAPSHOT: DEMI MOORE stepped out yesterday to get her juice on in a pair of shorts (PHOTO) (PHOTO) but evidently forget to shave her legs first! (PHOTO)