KHLOE KARDASHIAN'S TV WARDROBE MALFUNCTION [VIDEO]: KHLOE KARDASHIAN got a lot more exposure than she wanted on "Fox and Friends" yesterday morning: her right nipple was in full view during her appearance on the show -- and no one on the set seemed to notice!!!

Evidently, though, she's cool with it, tweeting: "My mom just called me saying my nip slip is 'all over the Internet!' Ha! Is it weird that I love it?!" *sigh* I'll never understand that family.

She blamed the wardrobe malfunction on her decision not to wear a bra with the sheer top.Just as my good judgement prevented me from posting the Lady NoBra pic yesterday, you could probably click on some highlighted words on this blog and find the video.

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BRITNEY SPEARS - STILL CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS???: BRITNEY SPEARS' dad wants to make sure she doesn't take the stand in a lawsuit her partner in a multi-million-dollar fragrance deal has brought against her by playing the mental illness card. Lawyers for the Spears family insist that, since Brit is still under her father's conservatorship, she's incompetent to testify. Brand Sense Partners is trying to force her to take the stand in the case, in which it's seeking $10 million in unpaid fees for brokering a deal with Elizabeth Arden.

In related Britney-Gone-Mad news ... Barry Manilow says his new album, which'll be out next Tuesday, was inspired by Brit's 2007 head-shaving meltdown. "She couldn't have a life without [the paparazzi]pulling up next to her car and following her and driving her crazy to the point where, that was around the time she shaved off her hair," He explains to the LA Times.

"We all looked at it in horror, and I said, 'Is this what happens these days?' So it seemed like a thing to be writing an album about." Perhaps he can base his follow up CD on the CHARLIE SHEEN insanity that went down earlier this year. Or MEL GIBSON'S. It could be, like, his thing, you know?

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS: The star of the CBS show “The Good Wife”, JULIANNA MARGULIES, is just one of the celebrities celebrating a birthday today. Peep the list here.

WHO DAT???: Who's the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model rockin' the paunch on the beach in Hawaii??? Scroll down for the answer ...

ROMANCE REPORT - LEO AND BLAKE UPDATE: LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and "Gossip Girl" BLAKE LIVELY are back from the French Riviera, but things don't seem to be cooling down between them.

A witness tells the Usmagazine website the two were spotted getting special treatment at Disneyland Sunday night. Seems they and some friends were escorted to the front of the StarTours line at about 11 pm, and were able to enjoy the Star Wars simulation ride on their own. They were later seen "chattering and laughing" as they strolled through Downtown Disney.

ROMANCE REPORT - CAMERON AND A-ROD'S PDA!!!: CAMERON DIAZ and ALEX RODRIGUEZ continue to show People magazine, which had pronounced them over as a couple, that they are still very much together. The loverbirds were spotted in Miami Monday walking arm and arm and being "very affectionate" with each other ...

DAKOTA FANNING GRADUATES HIGH SCHOOL: She's been a movie star since she was seven, and Monday DAKOTA FANNING became a high school graduate. The 17-year-old received her diploma from North Hollywood's Campbell Hall Episcopal High School, where she was a cheerleader and this year's homecoming queen.

SHOW US YOUR TWEETS: JON GOSSELIN'S ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman tweeted her two cents on Congressman Anthony Weiner’s Twitter scandal. “Say "NO To Sexting, & Twittersexing", you don't want to end up like Weiner. With the world gone viral no one is getting away with anything,” she wrote. Wise words, Hailey. Perhaps it's because she knows a thing or two about having embarrassing photos of yourself pop up on the internet ...

QUOTE/UNQUOTE: "Anyone who knows me knows I'm easygoing. I'm not asking for the sun to shine at night." -- KATY PERRY to USA Today on her over-the-top tour rider, which includes page after page of diva-ish demands.

While she doesn't deny that the rider includes clauses banning carnations and prohibiting limo drivers from talking to her or making eye contact with her, she insists none of them came from her. "The whole driver thing, I have no idea where that came from. My sister handles flowers and VIP stuff. Maybe she has a beef with carnations."

NICOLAS CAGE'S SON UNDER MENTAL EVALUATION: I guess the crazy don't fall far from the tree. NICOLAS CAGE'S son Weston was taken to a hospital for mental evaluation yesterday after freaking out at a Hollywood restaurant.

The trouble allegedly started when the 20-year-old's trainer told him he couldn't eat something on the menu, and Weston responded by trying to give him a roundhouse kick.

He was eventually cuffed and straped to a gurney before cops had him transported to the hospital for evaluation. It's not clear if he was under the influence, but witnesses said he appeared to be on something. Daddy Nicolas was said to be at the hospital last night, and had cleared his schedule so he can be there as long as he's needed. Ladies, Weston: hot or scary?

WHO DAT??? ... it's 48-year-old mother-of-three KATHY IRELAND!!!

Sure, ok, she's looked better, but come on, she's 48 with three kids! Yeah, we can judge her by how she looked when she was 25, but how fair would that be?