UPDATE - LAMAR ODOM FOUND, KHLOE KARDASHIAN 'DESPERATELY' TRYING TO SAVE HIM!: KHLOE KARDASHIAN is "desperately" trying to save hubby LAMAR ODOM'S life, according to TMZ. The site says Lamar has been hiding a serious addiction to crack cocaine for the last two years.

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Sources say Khloe has found Lamar, who'd been reportedly missing for several days, and met with him in secret, presumably to talk him into rehab. Yesterday, paparazzi spotted him driving into the gated community he and Khloe live in. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

As we told you yesterday, Khloe threw Lammie out Wednesday after he resisted the family’s intervention attempts and she's refusing to take him back until he cleans up his act.

News of Odom’s crack cocaine addiction didn’t just surprise the public. According to TMZ, Khloe had kept Lamar’s addiction secret from her family for most of their marriage. Sources say Khloe didn’t want to worry her fam with Lamar’s issues, and only told them about his addiction “very recently.” Apparently mom KRIS JENNER has known about it the longest and Khloe only told the rest of the klan when rumors began to surface about Lamar’s infidelity.

DID ROBIN THICKE'S WIFE PUT HER HANDS ON MILEY CYRUS BACKSTAGE AT THE VMAS?!: A lot of people on the World Wide Web of Celebrity Judging think MILEY CYRUS took things too far by grinding on and grabbing ROBIN THICKE'S crotch during their performance Sunday at the VMAs. And according to the rarely-if-ever reliable gossip site MediaTakeout, Thicke's wife, Paula Patton, was one of them.

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It claims to have received a "100 percent confirmed report" that Paula went off on Miley backstage, even trying to put her hands on the former Disney star. They quote a snitch as saying, "We had to physically hold Paula back, she was ready to go crazy."

But TMZ is calling B.S. They say Paula was totally cool with the performance and that according to their sources she knew what was planned because there were "a ton of rehearsals."

ROBIN THICKE'S MOTHER SHOCKED AND CONFUSED: Robin Thicke's mother, Gloria Loring, was just as dumbfounded with Miley's performance as the rest of us. She tells omg! Insider, "I was not expecting her to be putting her butt that close to my son." She added that she regrets watching. "It's not that I saw it once, it's that I can never un-see it."

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And BROOKE SHIELDS, who played Miley's dead mother on "Hannah Montana," had this to say on the "Today" show: "I do not approve. Where did I go wrong? I just want to know who's advising her, and why it's necessary? I feel like it's a bit desperate."

Meanwhile ... BILLY RAY CYRUS is in silent mode. All he's been Tweeting about since Sunday night is making new music and "world peace." As for Miley, she couldn't be more happy with herself, bragging to her Twitter followers, quote, "Smilers! My VMA performance had 306.000 tweets per minute. That's more than the blackout or Superbowl! #fact."

KELLY CLARKSON SHOWS US HER TWEETS: KELLY CLARKSON was evidently less than impressed with what she saw (and heard) while watching Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards.

An obvious reference to Miley, but who else was she referring to? Gaga? Katy Perry? 'N Sync? Discuss.

MICHAEL JACKSON ESTATE OWES THE TAXMAN?: Not even death can get you away from the taxman. The IRS accuses MICHAEL JACKSON'S family of underestimating the value of his estate to avoid taxes.

According to Reuters, his family claimed his assets were worth just $7 million when he died four years ago. But Uncle Sam sees it differently and has filed for $702 million in taxes and penalties. As one example, Jackson's image and likeness were valued by the IRS at $434 million. The estate said its taxable value was $2105.