SNAPSHOT - KATY PERRY SHOWS US HER CHONES!!!: Thanks to a sheer dress and a camera flash, we now know KATY PERRY has an affinity for boy shorts ...

IS ADELE ENGAGED???!!!: ADELE'S middle finger grabbed all the headlines last week after she flipped the bird when her speech at the Brit Awards was cut off, but now it's her ring finger people are talking about. Adele, you see, has been sporting a 10.57 carat De Beers, which sources says is her engagement ring!!!

But wait, there's more ... the Hollywood Life gossip site claims she's all set to make THE BIG MISTAKE  and tie the knot by the end of THIS year! Their sources say the 23-year-old is head-over-heels in love with boyfriend Simon Konecki and that Adele is"longing to settle down with a man who will treat her well. She feels Simon is the one — and doesn't see the point in waiting." What do you think, too soon? He's 36, does that make a difference?

DEMI MOORE CHECKS OUT OF REHAB: E! Online is reporting that DEMI MOORE is out of rehab and on vacation. According to their source, Demi is chillin' at an undisclosed location, and is in, quote, "no rush to get back to L.A. She's on total lock down and only talking to a small group of people." Moore sought treatment for addiction issues and an eating disorder after being hospitalized on January 23rd.

BRITNEY SETTLES SEXUAL HARASSMENT SUIT: The case is closed between Britney Spears and the former bodyguard who accused her of sexual harassment. Fernando Flores worked for Britney for a very short time, but claimed in that time, Brit was a sex-crazed maniac who came on to him and flashed him on numerous occasions. TMZ says sources close to Britney say the suit was totally bogus, but Britney wanted the suit over and done with. As for how much Spears paid Flores, no one is talking and the terms of the settlement are confidential.

HALLE HIRES NEW LAWYER FOR CUSTODY FIGHT: HALLE BERRY is gearing up for a nasty fight with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry over custody of their daughter Nahla.

According to TMZ, Berry is doing so by firing her lawyer/confidante who has been with her through two divorces and other legal issues, because she feels he’s not tough enough to go after Aubry. Halle has instead hired lawyer Stephen Kolodny, who represented MEL GIBSON in his battle with his Russian baby mama. Kolodny was with Halle when she went to a court hearing a few weeks ago that ruled Aubry could not have unsupervised visits with his daughter. Next he is going to try and convince a family law judge that Halle should be able to move to France with the child because she’s concerned about the paparazzi in LA.

UPDATE - ZAC EFRON TALKS CONDOM DROPPING ON TODAY SHOW: ZAC EFRON was on the “Today” show yesterday to discuss his new movie ‘The Lorax’, and MATT LAUER just had to ask about that red carpet condom-dropping incident.

Said Matt, "There's something that also brought a lot of attention to the movie, Zac, at the premiere. Do you want to take me through it?" An uncomfortable Efron responded, "I don't want to take you through it.” Matt pushed on, asking, "You dropped a condom?" Zac confirmed that indeed it was a prophylactic. “I never had a pocket-checking policy prior to going onto the red carpet before,” Zac added. “But now we fully instated one!"

BABY POOP: The rumors continue to swirl that SNOOKI has been knocked up, and although she won’t confirm them, sometimes actions speak louder than words. In a new photo, Snooki seems to be using a couple of tried and true tricks to cover a possibly growing belly: wearing a loose shirt, and carrying an oversized bag. When asked about the photo, her rep gave ‘People’ magazine a curt "No comment."

So what do you think ... Snooki pregnant, Yes or No?

WHEN ART IMITATES LIFE: Check out this portrait of WHITNEY HOUSTON an artist by the name of Jason Mecier has created -- made entirely of pills ...

Mecier's done this before. Always of people associated with drug abuse, like Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger and Amy Winehouse