COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP: JOHN MAYER DUMPED KATY PERRY VIA EMAIL: "Us Weekly" is claiming that JOHN MAYER dumped KATY PERRY by e-mail because he was, quote, "tired of her hard partying."  Wait,what? Via e-mail? Who does that? Doesn't he know the proper way to break up with someone is by texting? E-mail is soooo old-school.I guess John is just an old-fashioned kind of guy

A source tells the tab Katy was, quote, "furious and really hurt. She was into him, but he wasn't feeling it." Apparently.

LADY GAGA ACCUSES  LINDSAY LOHAN OF STEALING HER EARRINGS: On Tuesday, shortly after the news broke that LINDSAY LOHAN wasn't going to be prosecuted for allegedly stealing jewelry, she Tweeted a picture of herself wearing some fancy-looking earrings. 

And LADY GAGA responded with this zinger: "@lindsaylohan ummmm are those my earrings??? this is awkward...:) kiss kiss chateau bunny." Yes, she was joking. No, Gaga and Linds aren’t battling, and no, Lohan didn’t steal from her friend.

But how's this for a funny coincidence ... notice how Gaga called her a "chateau bunny"? That's a reference to a couple of months ago when they became friends during a sleepover at the Chateau Marmont. The same Chateau Marmont Lindsay was recently ordered to pack her sh** up and leave from for neglecting a $46,000 bill! Lolz, as the kids say.

LADY GAGA PAYS FAKE HOMAGE TO MADONNA AT HELSINKI CONCERT: Linds and Gaga aren't battling, but she and  MADONNA continues. Tuesday, Gaga mocked Madonna's recent on-stage wardrobe shenanigans by flashing her thong to the crowd. (PHOTO)

After pulling up her black leather skirt to reveal her behind -- and just before launching into the Madonna's classic "Like a Virgin" -- Gaga shouted, quote,"I don’t give a f*** what people say. We don’t give a f***."  Clearly a reference to Madonna's concert staple "I Don't Give A"from her latest album. Your move, Madge.

MADONNA BOOED IN PHILLY: Madonna’s first stop on her U.S. tour wasn’t without controversy. The MDA Tour rolled into Philadelphia on Tuesday night, greeted by boos and disgruntled fans upset that the show started two and a half hours late.

Madonna apologized when she did finally take the stage blaming her late arrival on being too much of a perfectionist, and told fans to appreciate their freedom given all the human rights abuses around the world. She was booed TWICE

IS ADELE WEARING A WEDDING RING???!!!: Did ADELE already get hitched? Yeah, we don’t know either, but Life & Style magazine reports she’s been spotted with a gold band on her ring finger. According to their source, “Adele and [her fiancée] managed to keep the baby news a secret for so long that there are rumors they’ve already gotten married, too.”

WOMAN CLAIMS KRIS HUMPHRIES GAVE HER HERPES: TMZ reports KRIS HUMPHRIES is being accused of giving a woman HERPES during a sexual encounter two years ago. Kayla Goldberg is suing Humphries, claiming they had unprotected intercourse more than once after meeting at a club in August of 2010. She's suing Kris for sexual battery -- she claims he knew, but never told her, that he had an STD -- plus emotional distress and fraud. She's seeking unspecified damages.

His rep tells E! News that Kris does not have herpes. Sources close to the baller say Kris is 100% positive he doesn't have herpes or any other STD because he got tested recently after a different woman accused him of infecting her.

BABY POOP: HOLLY MADISON is pregnant. The 32-year-old former Playboy Playmate and ‘Girl Next Door’ is expecting a child in March with boyfriend Pasquale Rotella, according to People magazine. "Definitely being with the right guy has a lot to do with it," she told the mag. "My relationship is awesome. I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my personal life.” Sas! Take that Hef!

2. Mazel Tov, GIULIANA and BILL RANCIC! Bill hit up Twitter to announce the birth of their new baby via surrogate. "The 'Duke' has landed!," he posted. "Edward Duke Rancic was welcomed into the world last night at 7lbs 4oz. G & I feel blessed beyond words. We did it!"