KATY PERRY HAS WARDROBE MALFUNCTION: Oh my! KATY PERRY had quite the wardrobe malfunction in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil the other day. She showed some cleavage AND a little upskirt action!!!

Katy was perched on her hotel balcony in a dress mini enough to inadvertently flash her lovely lady parts to fans below. And thanks to a paparazzo with a telephoto lens, I'm able to bring the magic to you!

If you're under 18, or wish to leave something to the imagination, or are a fan of big, yellow stars, CLICK HERE. The rest of you pervs can CLICK HERE.

CELEBRITIES IN TROUBLE - CUBA GOODING JUNIOR: Police in New Orleans have issued an arrest warrant for CUBA GOODING JUNIOR, who's accused of shoving a female bartender early this Tuesday morning.

TMZ reports that Gooding got upset with a few customers who had been taking his picture. Word is he began cursing, prompting a female bartender to ask him to leave. That’s when he allegedly shoved her against a wall. Her co-worker dialed 911 and when Cuba was told cops were on their way, he pushed the bartender again and left. Cops have been instructed to arrest Gooding on sight

JANET, JERMAINE JACKSON BANNED FROM MICHAEL'S HOUSE: There shouldn't be any more drama at the home where MICHAEL JACKSON'S children live with their grandmother KATHERINE. At least not involving JANET, JERMAINE, RANDY and REBBIE. Michael's estate -- which owns the house -- has banned the siblings from setting foot on the premises.

This after all the chaos that went down when the siblings showed up at the house and got all up in Prince and Paris' grills.

In related Jackson kids news ... RadarOnline reports that DIANA ROSS will sign off on a new proposed custody agreement where the kids will have both Katherine and cousin TJ overseeing their well being. I know what you're asking: 'What the heck does Diana Ross have to do with all this?' Well, as per Michael Jackson's will, if his mother Katherine was unable to care for his children, Diana was the next choice.


WHERE IN THE WORLD IS ROBERT PATTINSON???: ROBERT PATTINSON is either here, there, or everywhere while he waits for the whole "world knowing your girlfriend cheated on you" thing blows over.

The HollywoodLife gossip site says Pattinson had been spotted late at night in his hometown, but sources told Us Weekly he's not even in the country. The tab says he's in London hitting up clubs and taking in some Olympic events with his sister. Ironically, London's 'The Sun' tabloid claims he's still in California, where he's been hiding from the media scrutiny at REESE WITHERSPOON'S farm, no less! The tab says they've been friends since they starred in 'Water For Elephants' together.

TOM CRUISE TAKES SURI TO DISNEY: Making up for the lost time while he was off in Iceland filming a movie, TOM CRUISE took daughter Suri to the happiest place on earth -- Walt Disney World One eye witness told People magazine, "Suri looked like she was in heaven. It was really cute. She was...having the time of her life." Well, yeah, she probably didn't have to wait in any lines!

TMZ has a photo of a tired Suri in daddy's armsHERE. People's pic of the six-year-old dressed in an Ariel costume can be peeped HERE.

KIM KARDASHIAN'S BADONK - IS IT GETTING BIGGER? WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE: After watching a video of KIM KARDASHIAN leaving a store in NYC yesterday, I couldn't help but wonder ... is her butt getting wider, or is the world getting smaller?

I can't tell anymore. Compare the above screen grab with THIS butt shot from a few years ago. What do you think?