RUMOR CONFIRMED - RUSSELL BRAND DOES NOT WANT SPOUSAL SUPPORT: Word on the street yesterday was that RUSSELL BRAND wasn't going to ask for any of the money he is entitled to from KATY PERRY ... and from the looks of  the documents filed, the rumor is indeed confirmed.

The papers also show that Katy has chosen to restore her maiden name, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. And this is how amicable the divorce is ... Kathy signed her name with a smiley face.

JAY-Z AND BEYONCE TRADEMARK BLUE IVY'S NAME: JAY-Z and BEYONCE are making sure no one cashes in on their baby’s good name by reportedly trademarking their daughter's name. The Washington Post reports the couple filed multiple applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for various trademarks of Blue Ivy's name just days after her birth. The trademark ,if granted, will reserve her name for future use of items like "baby carriages, baby cosmetics and diaper bags."

Two incidents of someone looking to profit off of the couple’s bundle of joy have already happened. One fashion designer submitted an application to trademark "Blue Ivy Carter NYC" on Jan. 11, then on Jan. 20, another application for "Blue Ivy Carter Glory IV" was submitted, this time to be used to sell a line of fragrances. Both filings have since been denied.

Meanwhile … Bey made another post-baby appearance – this time wearing a lot of blue stuff, which I guess is supposed to remind us that she just had Blue Ivy™ a few weeks ago, and rub her post-baby body in our fat faces.

UPDATE - KIM KARDASHIAN WANTS DIVORCE DETAILS KEPT PRIVATE: As their divorce moves forward, KRIS HUMPHRES is sid to want the trial broadcast, but in a reversal or roles, KIM KARDASHIAN wants it out of the public spotlight. A source told Radar Online, "A public trial is the last thing that Kim wants, and she has instructed her lawyer to formally petition the court so that the divorce can be heard by a mediator, which is routinely done in California, since it's a no-fault state." The insider added, "This is a fairly routine divorce proceeding. Kim just wants this over and done with," but away from our prying eyes!

CELEBRITY SEX - COURTENEY COX: When it comes to the COURTENEY COX / DAVID ARQUETTE split, it's usually David who's doing over sharing. Yesterday, it was COURTENEY COX dishing the TMI.

Courtney revealed in a radio interview that David was the last man to enter her Secret Garden. However, she has made out with one guy. When asked if it was one of her "Cougar Town" co-stars, Court replied "Maybe." She wouldn't elaborate further, but the scuttlebutt last year had her linked to both JOSH HOPKINS, who plays her boyfriend Grayson on the show, and BRIAN VAN HOLT, who plays her ex-husband Bobby.

IN DENIAL - ADAM LEVINE: A rep for Maroon 5 lead singer and “The Voice” judge ADAM LEVINE is denying reports that his client may be on the prowl again.

Sources told the New York Post that Levine and his Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna, called it quits last month after two years of dating. Levine was supposedly spotted at a Super Bowl party in Indy Saturday night looking “really heartbroken." But a rep for Levine denies the couple has broken up, calling the story "100 percent not true."

SPLITSVILLE - 'ER'/'ALCATRAZ' HOTTIE PARMINDER NAGRA: Former "ER" minx PARMINDER NAGRA -- who's now on that new Fox show "Alcatraz" -- is ending her three-year marriage. She made The Big Mistake in 2009 after dating her soon-to-be ex for SEVEN YEARS. They have a 2-year-old son.

BABY POOP - IT'S A GIRL FOR KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN!!! OR IS IT???: KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN is having a girl ... at least according to a friend of hers. The un-named friend confirmed the news to 'Life & Style' magazine, saying, quote: "Kourtney was hoping for a girl. She...thinks having a girl would be perfect so she can dress her up and show her the ropes in life."

Kourtney's rep, meanwhile, denies the mom-to-be knows the sex of her baby. "Kourtney and Scott do not know yet what they are having."

IN DENIAL - SANDRA BULLOCK: SANDRA BULLOCK spent the better part of last year repeatedly denying rumors she was dating RYAN REYNOLDS. Now she's slamming reports linking her to his business partner and friend, Jonathon Komack Martin. Bullock told the website Gossip Cop, "For over a decade now, I have been so lucky to have Jonathon and Ryan as my friends, and I agree with the reports that they are both very handsome and a great catch! But the only man who has stolen my heart is my son"