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The on-again/off-again/on-again couple took in a Broadway musical with Katy's father Wednesday. It marked the first time Katy and John appeared together in public as a couple.

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COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - ANGELINA JOLIE TOO UGLY TO WED?!:  Apparently, ANGELINA JOLIE wants to replace something old with something new before her alleged wedding to BRAD PITT -- and she's supposedly enlisting some top-notch plastic surgeons to help her do it.

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According to the National Enquirer, Angie thinks she needs a, quote, "head-to-toe overhaul" before she walks down the aisle, and is looking to spend 50 grand to look better. The tab's source says, "She can’t live with the idea of walk­ing down the aisle with wrinkles and lumps, so she’s determined to get all the treatments she needs before the big day.”

WARDROBE MALFUNCTIONS - LEANN RIMES NIP SLIP/'TWILIGHT' CROTCH SHOT: Just days after ANNE HATHAWAY publicly exposed her nether region, both LEANN RIMES and ELIZABETH REASER from the "Twilight" movies had accidental wardrobe mishaps.

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Rimes suffered a nip-slip at a benefit event Wednesday night, while Reaser, who plays Edward's adoptive mother Esme, pulled a Hathaway while sitting down during an interview in a way-too short dress.(PHOTO) (PHOTO) It looks more like Reaser was wearing tan undies to me. What say you?

GAGA AND LOHAN AMONG THE MOST TALKED ABOUT WOMEN IN THE WORLD: Forbes scoured tens of thousands of news sources over the course of the year, tallied everything up, and dropped a new list yesterday: the 10 Most Talked About Women of 2012. This year's queen is HILLARY CLINTON, with 26,838 headline mentions. She's followed by MICHELLE OBAMA, LADY GAGA, and LINDSAY LOHAN.

CELEBRITY GOOD DEEDS - RUSSELL BRAND MAKING SURE HOMELESS HAVE CASH OVER THE HOLIDAYS: CHARLIE SHEEN isn't the only celebrity doing good deeds this week. RUSSELL BRAND reportedly handed his friends wads of cash so they could help the homeless in his absence. Russell is known for helping out the homeless in L.A. a lot, but he's going to be in Australia over the holidays so word is he handed his friends money so they could take care of them while he's gone.

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"[His friends] have been taking [the homeless] food and making sure they've got warm clothing and a few dollars in their pocket until [Russell] gets back." The source adds that Russell usually spends around $2,000 a month, quote, "just helping people out."