DID MILEY CYRUS DO AN INTERVIEW WHERE SHE ADMITS SHE'S MESSED UP?!: Is it a case of MILEY CYRUS being candid or Miley Cyrus being creatively edited? The former Disney star is quoted in Britain's Sunday People newspaper as saying, “I have so many f---ing issues. I am so f---ed up ... everyone does dumb stuff when they are messed up."


She went on to say that her current bad-girl image is who she really is and has always been and that she's "never pretended I was as good as the Disney Channel writes." But Miley's rep says the quotes are not legit. "She only did one interview since 'VMAs' and that's not it. She sat down with MTV for her upcoming [documentary]. We haven't released that interview yet. Someone did some creative editing of an old interview."

Meanwhile ... Miley's now infamous flat butt was spotted hanging out of some denim booty shorts in Santa Monica over the weekend. (PHOTO) Later that same day, Miley's non-foam middle finger made its presence known. (PHOTO)

KARDASHIAN KHAOS - KHLOE IS NOT MADE OF STEEL: With her marriage to LAMAR ODOM seemingly on the rocks, KHLOE KARDASHIAN took to Twitter to remind us she's only human.

BEYONCE TERRORIZES PARK PATRONS: Did BEYONCÉ'S vanity cause a woman who's afraid of heights to be trapped on a Ferris Wheel for 30 minutes? Dorris Hone claims she was stuck on the Coney Island Wonder Wheel for "nearly half an hour," because Beyoncé had to have her makeup done.

The ride's operator denies that anyone was stuck on the ride for any more than three minutes and blamed "the paparazzi and media excitement which follows a celebrity" for the "slight delay." Dorris, meanwhile, wants an apology from Bey.

CHARLIE SHEEN-ANIGANS: Carlos Irwin Estevez, AKA CHARLIE SHEEN is 48 today, but the self-proclaimed warlock with tiger blood and Adonis DNA celebrated on Sunday with, what else? Three porn stars.


Above is the photo he posted of himself with the ladies. He captioned it, quote, "48?? My ass - I look 28! But more importantly, I feel 68!! Happy birthday to me! (and Charlie's Angels). That's right: we win."

CELEBRITIES WITHOUT MAKEUP: JENNIFER LOPEZ went without makeup during a shopping trip with her daughter and still looked pretty darn good. (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER SHOWS US HIS PICS: ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Tweeted this picture of himself with HARRISON FORD on the set of "The Expendables 3"...


AMANDA BYNES' PSYCH HOLD EXTENDED: AMANDA BYNES won't be back on the streets anytime soon. A judge granted her doctors a long-term psychiatric hold on Friday, which could keep her inside a mental health facility for up to a year.

Amanda's being relocated to the UCLA Medical Center for the extended hold. Her mom is reportedly hoping it lasts only an additional 60 days. Amanda's bank account should too. According to TMZ, her treatment is costing $3,500 a day. The tab for a full year stay would come out to $1,277,500!

JAMIE LYNN SIGLER SHOWS US HER (BABY) PICS: JAMIE LYNN SIGLER posted an Instagram photo of her holding her newborn son’s hand. Sigler gave birth last Wednesday. They named him Beau Kyle ...


JUSTIN BIEBER WAS ATTACKED AT A TORONTO NIGHTCLUB: JUSTIN BIEBER and his crew were involved in another nightclub altercation over the weekend, only this time Justin was the victim.

Sources say a guy tried to bum-rush Justin and tackle him as he was walking to the dance floor. He got a hold of Justin's shirt before the chaos was broken up. Justin tried to go after the guy, but he was being held back, too. The attacker was kicked out of the club, but he left with a souvenir; one of Justin's gold chains. TMZ has a couple of photos: (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

TODAY IN SHIRTLESS CELEBRITIES: Universal released this still from ZAC EFRON’s latest movie that highlights his sexy washboard abs. Mommy likes!


RELATIONSHIP REPORT - EASTWOOD'S NEW GIRL + DOUGLAS, ZETA 'FINE': Just days after the news came out that CLINT EASTWOOD and his wife Dina have been living apart for quite some time, Clint was seen with a so-called "mystery woman." Sources say she spent the night at his house, and he drove her to the airport the next morning. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

2. MICHAEL DOUGLAS says there's no crisis in his marriage to CATHERINE ZETA-JONES . Speaking to reporters in Berlin yesterday he said, quote, "We, we are fine. My wife and I are, are fine. We take a temporary separation, but the press . . . it gives you stuff to write about." So they are separated, but they're fine. What does that even mean?

MOZEL TOV!: KATIE COURIC'S boyfriend popped the question over the holiday weekend while they were vacationing in Long Island, New York's ritzy Hamptons. The 56-year-old talk show host has been a widow since 1998. No word on a wedding date.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

2. Actress KATE BOSWORTH and director Michael Polish wed in a small mountaintop ceremony in Montana on Saturday.

3. SNL's SETH MEYERS married his longtime girlfriend, human rights lawyer Alexi Ashe, Sunday in Martha's Vineyard.

4. LANCE BASS is getting married. The 'N Sync singer proposed to his boyfriend Michael Turchin in New Orleans over the weekend. He said yes. The nuptials are expected to take place in about a year.