JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE/JESSICA BIEL TO MARRY THIS WEEKEND?: It looks like JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is serious about making THE BIG MISTAKE, and maybe as soon as this weekend.

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Word is Timberlake will make an honest woman out of JESSICA BIEL after 10 months of stringing her along. According to Us Weekly, Jessica and JT will tie the knot this weekend in front of close friends and family at a top secret location in Southern Italy. There have been plenty of false alarms already, so don't get too excited just yet.

BABY POOP - IT'S A BOY FOR MEGAN FOX: MEGAN FOX pushed out the spawn of BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN on September 27th, but managed to keep it a secret until yesterday, when she announced it on Facebook. They named him Noah Shannon Green.  

BABY POOP - UMA THURMAN GIVES BABY LONGEST NAME EVER: If UMA THURMAN doesn't win the award for Most Ridiculous Celebrity Baby Name Ever, then for sure she's a lock for the longest.

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Although Thurman gave birth in the middle of the summer, we’re just now learning the name she gave her daughter. I'm assuming because it took this long to come up with the seven, yes seven, names they gave her. Uma’s baby girl’s name is ... (deep breath) ... Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson. Though, for short, Uma's rep says, quote, "they just call her Luna." What? Why not just name her Luna, then? *smh*  

KATE GOSSELIN - 'LOATHSOME' PERSONALITY GOT HER FIRED: It was announced a couple of day ago that KATE GOSSELIN (remember her?) was fired from her blogging gig at CouponCabin.com a couple of days ago. The company's CEO said at the time it was because Kate wasn't "a good fit with the wonderful team and culture" at the company. But what was the real reason?

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Sources tell the New York Daily News it was a combination of bad press related to a unauthorized, tell-all book and her, quote, "loathsome" personality. The tell-all, "Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World," was pulled off Amazon two weeks ago, but the bad press around the allegations of child abuse and inhumane treatment of the family's two dogs concerned the company. But not as much as Kate's "over-the-top demands." According to the Daily News' source, Gosselin was "just so demanding and hard to get along with."  

DONALD TRUMP DOESN'T APPROVE OF 'TWILIGHT' REUNION: As far as I'm concerned, no topic has been fully discussed until DONALD TRUMP has provided his insight.

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So you can imagine my relief in learning Trump has weighed in on the Robert Pattinson / Kristen Stewart reconciliation. The Donald hit up Twitter with his opinion, tweeting, "Robert Pattinson should not take back Kristen Stewart. She cheated on him like a dog and will do it again -- just watch." He then added, "He can do much better!" Any thoughts on Rihanna and Chris Brown, Donald?  

BABY POOP - NICK LACHEY LOVES TO SNIFF HIS SON: How much does NICK LACHEY love his new son Camden? Enough to sniff him all day! Here's what he told People magazine ...


"That smell of your newborn baby doesn't last very long, but it's something you'll always remember. So I find myself sniffing his head and his neck. There is that baby smell that is so special, especially when it's your own baby!"

Okay, okay, let me ask you this: Which is the best smell ... New Baby, New Car, or Puppy Breath? You can only pick one and those are your only options!