RIHANNA ENGAGES CHRIS BROWN'S EX IN NAKED BUTT TWEETS: RIHANNA Tweeted a picture of her nearly-naked 'badunk yesterday, and many are speculating if it's in response to a photo CHRIS BROWN'S other ex Tweeted on Saturday.


The World Wide Web of Celebrity Feuds wonders if  perhaps RiRi Tweeted out the pic of her firmly sculpted bottom in a pink thong underneath a pair of cut up denim shorts in reaction to the news that Brown was spotted with ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran over the weekend. (PHOTO)

Tran then posted a photo on Saturday in which she's shoving her naked backside into Chris Brown's face and the caption, "My birthday last year. Who's face am I gonna put my ass in this year?" (PHOTO)

Rihanna deleted her photo almost immediately, but luckily for us, the Internet is still hanging onto it. Give me a minute, please, while I stare at the photos and think all manner of deviant thoughts.

NO MORE SEX SCENES FOR BRAD PITT?! WHAAAA!!!: There are few things better in cinema than watching BRAD PITT get down 'n' dirty in a steamy love scene, am I right ladies? Sadly, those appear to be a thing of the past now.

Brad's good friend Frank Pollaro revealed in the June/July issue of Esquire magazine that Pitt told him that since he’s been with ANGELINA JOLIE, he has said no to doing love scenes -- and she has made the same pledge. "He's crazy about her, and she's the same way about him," this Frank guy is quoted as saying. As incredibly thoughtful in regards to each other as that is, let's all take a moment of silence to mourn the loss of Brad’s naked bum. Sigh.

IT APPEARS TO BE ON BETWEEN JON BON JOVI AND RICHIE SAMBORA: There may be beef between JON BON JOVI and RICHIE SAMBORA after all because it appears not only has Jon has reached his 'where's Richie?' question quotient, but Richie also wants him to stop talking about him to the press.

In an interview with the London Evening Standard the other day, Bon Jovi said, “It’s getting more and more difficult every day to not just say something. Because all I can say is this: it’s for personal reasons.” He later seemed to address Sambora directly, saying, “You have a choice. You either figure it out, go and grow, not only survive but thrive – or you say, ‘I hate my brother and I’m gonna quit the band.’”

And hearing about it, Richie's claws came out. He feels Jon is implying that he's drinking again and that he's replaceable. Sambora tells Britain's Daily Mail, "I don't have any major problems in life right now. [Jon]is making it very difficult for me to come back. Enough with the trash talking! [He] needs to stop talking about me publicly. I'm fine."

SHAKIRA HAS TALENT: I don't know for sure if SHAKIRA'S hips really don’t lie, but I can vouch for them being abnormally flexible. While filming an interview with her fellow “The Voice” coaches, Shak revealed that if she didn’t do what she does for a living she’d be a circus contortionist! She then demonstrated her skills by putting both of her legs behind her head ... while wearing skin tight jeans! Excuse me while I stare at the photo and think all manner of deviant thoughts.


WATCH JENNIFER ANISTON SLAP HER PERT BOTTOM AND STRIP DOWN TO HER UNDERWEAR: The new JENNIFER ANISTON comedy won't be out until early August but the movie trailer has been released. (VIDEO)

In it, Jen, who plays an exotic dancer, strips down to her lacy under things and shows off her super-sexy stripper moves. Pardon me while I rewind the video repeatedly and think all manner of deviant thoughts.

RICKY GERVAIS SHOWS US HIS TWEETS: RICKY GERVAIS hit up Twitter to put celebrities who are asking for prayers for Oklahoma tornado victims on blast. Gervais re-tweeted a message from MTV that said, quote, "Beyoncé, Rihanna & Katy Perry send prayers to #Oklahoma #PrayForOklahoma" and added, quote, "I feel like an idiot now . . . I only sent money."

TODAY IN CELEBRITY WARDROBE MISHAPS: TORI SPELLING, who's celebrating the Big 4-0 in Mexico, came thisclose to giving the paparazzi an eyeful when she almost fell out of her bikini top while sitting poolside (PHOTO)

CONGRADUATIONS: ConGRADuations are in order for EVA LONGORIA who graduated Wednesday with a Masters Degree in Chicano Studies from California State University. Here's Eva posing in her cap and gown alongside her proud parents ...

Who Says

AMANDA BYNES - 'GOOGLE ME!': Earth to AMANDA BYNES -- the TSA does not accept Google as official ID. Amanda was scheduled to fly a private jet from New Jersey to L.A. this weekend, but when she showed up at the airport, security agents noticed that her driver's license is suspended.

That made it invalid as an official form of government identification, and she didn't have anything else on her. According to TMZ, a flustered Amanda then told the agent to Google her, screaming, "I'm Amanda Bynes." You can guess how that worked out. There's no word on if or how she ever got to L.A.