SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION JOHNNY DEPP: After denying rumors for months, JOHNNY DEPP and longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis are truly no longer together. Depp's rep confirmed yesterday that they have, quote, "amicably separated." Johnny and Vanessa started dating in 1998, but they never married. They did, however, have a couple of children together -- a daughter, now 13, and a son, now 10.

Word on the street is Johnny's 2009 "Rum Diaries" co-star AMBER HEARD is the reason for the split. She and Depp have recently become close friends. It was reported that Heard -- who is openly bisexual ... not that there's anything wrong with that -- accompanied Depp to Las Vegas by private jet some weeks ago while he was on his promotional tour for "Dark Shadows."

KIM KARDASHIAN SERVES KRIS HUMPHRIES 'GIRLFRIEND' WITH SUBPOENA: KIM KARDASHIAN is drawing KRIS HUMPHRIES’ alleged ex-girlfriend into the couple's divorce case. Myla Sinanaj, who supposedly dated Humphries earlier this year, was served with a subpoena Monday. According to TMZ, Kim's lawyer wants to know if Kris said anything about his 72-day marriage which might relate to his claim that Kim defrauded him. He also wants details about the hundreds of texts and emails exchanged between Myla and Kris.

Insiders say Kris was trying to hide his relationship with Myla because he’s worried it would have an impact on the divorce case. Myla’s lawyer says she will comply with the subpoena.

Meanwhile ... KHLOE KARDASHIAN defended her sister Kim's estranged husband when a TMZ photographer asked her how she felt about this Myla chick allegedly extorting Kris in return for her silence. Khloe replied, "Well, that shouldn't happen to anyone . . . Kris is a good guy."

CELEBRITIES IN TROUBLE - ALEC BALDWIN IN SMACKDOWN WITH PHOTOG: ALEC BALDWIN got into an altercation with a New York Daily News photographer yesterday, and could be facing assault charges soon.  The "30 Rock" star and his fiancée Hilaria Thomas were leaving a New York courthouse where they obtained a marriage license, when, according to the photographer, Marcus Santos, Baldwin started screaming for him and another cameraman to back up.

Santos claims he did as Baldwin asked but then Alec came after him and began, quote, “shoving and punching” him. (Click here to see photo.) Sources close to Alec say Santos almost hit Baldwin with his camera and Alec was simply pushing him away. Santos later filed an assault complaint with police


FORMER BRITNEY SPEARS DUET PARTNER TURNS ON HER AFTER FAILED X FACTOR AUDITION: Okay, first the background: BRITNEY SPEARS was reportedly shaken after an emotional reunion with a former duet partner over the weekend. According to People magazine, 'X-Factor' contestant Don Phillips took the stage and reportedly sang "I Will Still Love You" from Britney's debut album. Spears reportedly recognized Phillips immediately. A source told the mag, "She got this huge smile on her face and her eyes lit up. It was so sweet. When he started crying and saying he thought he'd never see her again and that he'd had a lot to deal with, Britney [comforted him.]"

Well, the feel-good story has quickly turned into a tale of bitterness and insults. Phillips failed his audition on the show, so he took to Facebook to vent and take a few shots, hurling thinly veiled references to some of Spears’ darkest moments. He wrote, “Back to real life…all my demons released…I totally cracked when the pressure was on…at least I didn’t shave my head…A couple tears later…and I am standing tall…I know some people say I haven’t taken care of my vocals over the past ten years…but it’s funny my worst is their best…minus autotune.” Wow, Phillips, bitter much?

LADY GAGA SHOWS US HER TWEETS: LADY GAGA tweeted out this photo of herself laying in bed in full makeup, false lashes, and a massive blonde bouffant. The tweet read: “Having the best time. Night night lil cuties. I can hear you singing from my balcony.”

SNAPSHOT - ON THE SET OF MADONNA'S NEW VIDEO: Lady Gaga isn't the only one sporting an Adele-style bouffant in photos today. MADONNA is also rocking the look in her new video. Madge isn't just busting out the ’60s hair, she's also -- surprise, surprise -- busting out the cinched in girls! Check out a couple of pics HERE, and  HERE

SEE CREEPY MAN WITH 15 MILEY CYRUS TATTOOS: There are fans of celebrities, and then there's this guy ...

 His name is Carl and he's from the U.K. Carl has 15 Miley Cyrus-related tattoos on him, which include her name on both hands and on his collar bones, and a HUGE picture of her face on his bicep. He says he got them in order to prove he’s her biggest fan. You win, Carl!

MAZEL TOV! BOBBY BROWN WEDS: BOBBY BROWN  is a married man again. Brown married fiancée/manager Alicia Etheridge in Honolulu Monday. Bobby’s children from previous relationships attended the nuptials, with his and Alicia’s three-year-old acting as ring bearer. Notably absent from the wedding was Bobbi Kristina, Brown’s daughter with ex-wife Whitney Houston. Here's a picture of Brown and family soon after making THE BIG MISTAKE