JENNIFER LOPEZ - TOO HOT FOR UK TV: Some viewers of “Britain’s Got Talent” were not pleased with JENNIFER LOPEZ'S performance the other night, deeming it overtly sexual and inappropriate.

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Angry viewers took to Twitter to vent about her performance on the family show, others took their complaints Britain's equivalent of our FCC. British TV regulator Ofcom released a statement confirming that “it has received complaints about the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ broadcast...which we are assessing, but not currently investigating.”

Here are a couple of screen grabs of her performance. Yeah, she probably did show too much back and front.

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Daily Motion

AMANDA BYNES LATEST TWITTER FEUD IS WITH 'SPORTS ILLUSTRATED' MODEL: AMANDA BYNES must be trying to set a record for Twitter feuds. After blasting RIHANNA and COURTNEY LOVE in the past week, Bynes got into another online fight -- this time with model CHRISSY TEIGEN.

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In all fairness, Chrissy started things by tweeting, "The fact that Amanda Bynes has any 'support' to retweet is really unsettling. Support people with mental illness, yes. But don't condone/enable scary and poor behavior."


Amanda didn't take kindly to that. She fired back, "Chrissy Teigen, you're not a pretty model compared to me. I signed to Ford models at age 13. I don't look up to you beauty wise. I'm far prettier than you!" Then she continued, "I'm offended that you're saying I have a mental illness when I show no sign of it. But thankfully not one man that wants me wants you and you are an old ugly model compared to me!" She added, "You're no beauty queen! I'm a beauty queen."

Chrissy decided to take the high road and not fight back, telling her followers to leave Amanda alone. "I don't need defending and please stop writing her. It's not funny. It's sad."

BIEBER BABY?!: Yet another woman is claiming JUSTIN BIEBER is the father of her baby. Star magazine says Bieber impregnated a 25-year-old European woman in Florida back in 2010 -- when he was just 15 years old. As proof, the mag published a grainy photo of two people kissing and screen captures of text messages said to be from Bieber to the woman.

A source tells the tab, "Justin didn’t know anything about it. She just wanted to protect her baby. She wanted to keep her and her family away from any spotlight, [but] she's 100 percent sure that Justin is the father.” Supposedly, she's not going to ask for money, and she'll let Justin decide if he wants to be a part of his daughter's life. Justin's peeps are denying her claims.


ROMANCE REPORT - MILEY AND LIAM DONE ... OR ARE THEY?!: MILEY CYRUS and LIAM HEMSWORTH have ended their rocky romance -- if you believe Us Weekly. A source tells the tabloid, "They are definitely over." Of course we've heard that before, as well as the opposite. Just days ago, Us quoted a source as saying, "They [are] definitely back on."

Miley has since shared this picture of herself wearing what looks like a wedding dress. It was not accompanied by a caption, but word on the street is it was taken the same day she shot her new music video so it could either be a photo from the vid or her way of denying the Us story.


SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION COURTENEY COX, DAVID ARQUETTE: COURTENEY COX and DAVID ARQUETTE have officially ended their 12-year marriage. A judge finalized the couple's divorce on Tuesday. The two first separated in October 2010, but didn't file divorce papers until June 2012.


The paparazzo was waiting for Rob in the parking garage at a West Hollywood gym in March, and when he started to undress, she started snapping pics. Rob then allegedly stole her camera's memory card.

CELEBRITIES WITHOUT MAKEUP: KATHERINE HEIGL was snapped out and about in New Orleans without her face on. (PHOTO)

BLAKE SHELTON LETS HIS WIFE CHECK HIS PHONE: BLAKE SHELTON says there's so much trust in his marriage he lets MIRANDA LAMBERT check his phone so she can see for herself he isn't hiding anything from her.

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He tells "People", quote, "[I tell Miranda], 'I have nothing to hide from you...Here's my phone. Go through it.' That's really the kind of trust we have. [I'll say,] 'Go dig through my drawers or my computer if you feel like you need to'...because I don't want her to ever have any doubts." That's cool, but it sounds more like she's pretty paranoid and doesn't trust him much, dontchathink?