CHRISTINA AGUILERA v. KELLY OSBOURNE!!! WHO YOU GOT???: It is soooo on between KELLY OSBOURNE and CHRISTINA AGUILERA. The two have been feuding since 2002, and things have been relatively calm publicly ... until now.

Kelly's claws came out again during a recent taping of  E!'s "Fashion Police" and a photo of Christina in a tight black dress came up. After JOAN RIVERS commented that Christina looked like "Snooki's Scandinavian cousin", Kelly went off calling Aguilera a "FAT [B-WORD]" and followed it up with the C-WORD!!!

Here's her exact quote: "Maybe she's just becoming the fat [B-word] she was always born to be. I don't know. She was a [C-word] to me. And she bought my house!" Kelly then explained that, quote, "[Christina]called me fat for so many [effing] years, so you know what? [Eff] you, you're fat too!"

Your move Xtina!!!

ARE THESE THE PHOTOS OF XTINA THAT LED TO KELLY'S VERBAL ASSAULT???: Since it was a taping of  a "Fashion Police" segment and not an actual aired episode, we have no way of knowing right now what picture of Christina in a tight black dress came up that led to Kelly calling her a "fat [b-word]". But after some digging, I found these pics of Aguilera in a tight black dress taken July 13 in Munich ...

Do you think she looks like a "fat [b-word]" or is Kelly just being mean, and vindictive?

IS THIS VIDEO PROOF IT WAS KELLY WHO STARTED THE BEEF???: Check out a 2003 report from "Access Hollywood" on Christina and Kelly's feud. It sure looks like Kelly was the one who originally started the beef ...

ROMANCE REPORT - ARE JUSTIN AND MILA MORE THAN JUST FRIENDS???!!!: Although they keep insisting there's nothing going on, "Friends with Benefits" co-stars JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and MILA KUNIS were said to be looking like more than just friends while dining in London earlier this week.

According to a source for London's "The Mail", "They were cozying up to each other and she barked at him 'Jay' to follow her. It was like a real girlfriend bark." Adds another witness, "She yelled at Justin across the restaurant in a way that can only mean one thing."

CHECK OUT PICS OF KIM KARDASHIAN'S WEDDING SHOWER: "OK!" magazine has the exclusive photos from KIM KARDASHIAN'S bridal shower ...

Hit up this link to see more

In other Kim Knews ... Kim revealed on her blog yesterday that Vera Wang will be designing her gown for her August 20th wedding. Wang also designed the gown for Kim’s sister Khloe’s wedding to Lamar Odom

Oh, and lest you thought otherwise ... her wedding to Kris WILL be getting the reality show treatment. E! announced "Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event" will air as a two-part special, Sunday, October 9th and Monday, October 10th.


ON THIS DAY IN TABLOID HISTORY: The special issue of “People” magazine featuring exclusive snapshots of the latest Jolie-Pitts, Knox and Vivienne, hit newsstands. on this day in 2008. The mag reportedly paid 16-million dollars for the rights to the baby shots.

STARS REJECT 'DANCING WITH THE STARS': Motley Crue drummer TOMMY LEE isn’t opposed to doing reality TV. In fact, he’s done his share of the genre, but there are some shows he won't stoop to doing. “Dancing With the Stars” is one of those shows.

Lee Tweeted yesterday, "Ready for the funniest [crap] ever? Dancing With the Stars just offered me a spot on the show! I've never hit the pass button so quick."

And he’s not the only celeb who has recently rejected the show. Despite producers' best attempts to get her on the show, SHERRI SHEPHERD has turned them down as well.

TMZ says producers were "aggressively courting" Sherri, but with her wedding later this month, and then her return to "The View" in September, she told them she just doesn't have the time.

WATCH AVRIL LAVIGNE GET BUM RUSHED BY A FAN: AVRIL LAVIGNE had was just about to do a cover of a Coldplay song during a show in Brazil Tuesday when out of nowhere a wild "fan" ran onstage. Security managed to grab him just as he got to Avril, but not before a startled Lavigne, let out a shriek. Here's the vid. The fan runs onstage 30 seconds in and she lets out a shriek shortly thereafter ...

TV TIDBITS - DETAILS ON KUTCHER'S MEN CHARACTER: CBS has officially revealed some information regarding the character ASHTON KUTCHER will be playing on “Two and a Half Men”.

Entertainment President Nina Tassler told reporters yesterday that Kutcher will play Walden Schmidt, "an Internet billionaire with a broken heart."

Then she took a dig at you-know-who by adding of Ashton, "We have an extraordinary actor in Ashton Kutcher. You have someone who is committed to doing their job and is incredibly professional."

Tassler would not, however, confirm rumors that the season premiere will begin with Charlie Harper's funeral.

HUGH HEFNER SHOWS US HIS PICS: HUGH HEFNER posted this pic of himself planking at the mansion …

Hugh, I wouldn't joke like that. You'll be there soon enough!

LISTEN: Conan on Hef planking:

R.I.P - BUBBA SMITH: Bubba Smith was found dead in his L.A. home yesterday. The NFL star, “Police Academy” actor and Miller Lite spokesman was 66. A cause of death was not immediately known, but officials believe Smith died of natural causes.