OH-EM-GEE!!! IS WHITNEY HOUSTON DYING???!!!: Could it be true - is WHITNEY HOUSTON on the losing end of a battle with Emphysema???!!!

That's the deathbed rumor from the not-always-reliable "National Enquirer." According to an anonymous source, Whitney is in the early stages of the lung disease, and she's been told if she doesn't quit smoking, like, right now, she's going to DIE!!! Whitney's reps denied the story to E! last night, calling the report,quote, "completely untrue."

BABY NEWS: It's a girl for PINK and hubby CAREY HART!!!

ROMANCE REPORT - SEAN PENN, SCARLETT JOHANSSON BREAK UP: SEAN PENN and SCARLETT JOHANSSON have never admitted to being a couple, and now they don't have. "People" magazine is reporting the romance is over. Done. Kaput.

Speculation about a break-up started after Scarlett failed to attend the Cannes Film Festival with Sean,and Sean was spotted at the hotel he was staying in getting cozy with two "super-hot" women. A reason for the split wasn't immediately known.

THIS JUST IN!!! KIM K. SOLD HER ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT!!!: I know you'll find this hard to believe, so if you're standing up you might want to sit down before reading any further. Ready? Word on the street is KIM KARDASHIAN made money off her recent engagement to New Jersey Nets baller Kris Humphries.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kim sold the story to People magazine for $300,000. But this may make you feel better: The deal wasn't a good one for the tab. Sales were well below its weekly average.

In other Kim K. obvious news ... the proposal reportedly WAS caught on tape and will air during the season premiere of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

ROMANCE REPORT - BRADLEY COOPER AND OLIVIA WILDE: According to "Us Weekly", BRADLEY COOPER and OLIVIA WILDE are, quote, "DEFINITELY hooking up." And if it's in Us Weekly then it must be true!!! Their anonymous source says they've been spending a lot of time together lately.

LINDSAY'S MONITORING DEVICE GOES OFF: LINDSAY LOHAN - who's under house arrest for pleading guilty to jacking some bling - had a visitor Tuesday: the LAPD. The cops showed up after her ankle monitoring device went off.

Sadly she was not caught drinking booze and snorting drugs, or trying to escape her Venice, California home. Linds was watching TV and reading scripts when the cops showed up. It turned out the ankle bracelet malfunctioned, and was replaced the next day. Sorry to disappoint.

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS: CNN'S ANDERSON COOPER comes out of the closet (allegedly) long enough to celebrate his 44th birthday. Peep the rest of list here.

SNAPSHOT - ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER STILL WEARS WEDDING RING: Even though both he and MARIA SHRIVER have retained divorce lawyers, it looks like ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER isn't ready to let go. Us Weekly shared this photograph of the "Spermanator" taken Wednesday at a hotel in Los Angeles still wearing his wedding ring ...

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