IS WHITNEY HOUSTON BACK ON THE CRACK???!!!: WHITNEY HOUSTON - rumoured to still have a problem with drugs and alcohol - announced yesterday she's back in re-hab ... sort of.

According to her rep, she's "currently in an out-patient rehab program for drug and alcohol support her long-standing recovery process." (--The program allows her to go out in public, as long as she has a monitor.)

RadarOnline says Whitney is back on the crack, which if you recall, she once famously told us is whack. TMZ on the other hand, quotes a source who seems to imply Whitney's problem is alcohol related. Says their source of a night out with Ms. Houston two weeks ago: "She was plastered and she was a mess."

Whitney does kind of look out of it in this video taken of her and daughter Bobbi at a Prince concert in L.A. over the weekend ...

LINDSAY LIKELY TO ESCAPE JAIL TIME... AGAIN: LINDSAY LOHAN is expected to plead no contest to stealing that necklace earlier this year. In return, she'll probably avoid any additional jail time.

According to TMZ, Linds will be eligible for the same time off for good behavior and jail overcrowding as anyone else, meaning her 120 days could not just be reduced to a couple of weeks, but it's possible they'll just strap an ankle bracelet on her and let her serve her sentence at home. We'll know for sure tomorrow. That's when Lindsay will be officially sentenced.

TUESDAY'S CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS include Bono, and 'Saturday Night Live's Kenan Thompson. Here's the entire list.

CELEBRITIES WITHOUT MAKE UP: CHRISTINA AGUILERA didn't just ditch the make up for a night out with her boyfriend, she passed on getting her hair did as well ...

CELEBRITY SPLITSVILLE - SCHWARZENEGGER MARRIAGE APPEARS TERMINATED: This one came out of left field for many ... Former California Governor and Hollywood icon ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and wife MARIA SHRIVER have split up after 25 years of marriage. Shriver actually moved out two weeks ago.

No word on Maria's immediate plans. Arnold, meanwhile, has already signed on to do three movies, including the latest chapter in the "Terminator" series.

ROMANCE REPORT: Things are said to be heating up between EVA LONGORIA and her rebound boyfriend Eduardo Cruz. (--Shown here sharing a kiss as they waited to board a plane to Miami from L.A.X. yesterday) ....

Eva and PENELOPE CRUZ'S baby brother have been a couple since February, although they've been hooking up since this past December. A source tells "People" magazine that "things are getting very serious between Eva and Eduardo."

BABY NEWS: ALICIA SILVERSTONE has contributed to the Hollywood baby boom by giving birth to her first child, a son. Unfortunately for the child, they named him Bear Blu.

SNAPSHOT: The JOLIE-PITT twins, Knox and Vivienne, spent some daddy time at a park in Hollywood this week ...

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