If we're to believe the "National Enquirer", Katie Holmes' replacement has been chosen. And like Tom Cruise, she's a devout Scientologist.

Her name is Yolanda Pecoraro. She's an actress, 37 year-old,  5'6" tall, her mother is from Nicaragua and her father is from Italy. So far, she's  mostly been in print ads, commercials, and a few low-budget movies you've probably never seen or heard of.

According to the tabloid's source, the Church of Scientology is so embarrassed by how the whole Katie situation blindsided everyone and all the negative publicity they got from it, that hooking Tom up again is how they hope to, quote, "stabilize the situation." 

Yolanda herself,  when asked if she's Katie Holmes' successor, said, quote, "Yes, I knew and still know Tom Cruise. And no, I'm not married or engaged." Hmmm. Not exactly a denial. You can check out a ton of other photos of the Super Sexy Scientologist HERE.