IT MAY OR MAY NOT BE ON BETWEEN BEYONCE AND KIM KARDASHIAN!!!: Is a celebrity cat fight brewing? Reports out this morning claim that BEYONCE and husband JAY-Z are not so thrilled their close friend KANYE WEST is dating KIM KARDASHIAN.

Word on the street is Jay is so not down with Kim, he's forbidden Kanye from taking her on tour with them! The rarely-if-ever reliable gossip site Media Takeout adds to the mix with reports that the couple arrived at a dinner honoring New York Knicks baller Carmelo Anthony Monday night, but wouldn’t get out of the car until Kim and Kanye left. Claimed a source, “Beyonce doesn’t want to be in the same shot with [Kim]."

Meanwhile ... Reports claim Kim's mom KRIS JENNER wants Beyonce to make an appearance on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians". According to a source for the Hollywood Life gossip site, Kris is ecstatic that her daughter is boning dating Kanye -- because of all of his celebrity friends.

The source says, "Kris has her ways and it wouldn't surprise me if the cameras captured Kim and Kanye on a double date with Beyonce and Jay-Z." The source continued, "Kris is doing her best to convince Kanye to arrange the double date. Believe me, it's hard to say no to Kris!"

Speaking of Kim ... Check out the crazy tight pants she stepped out in yesterday. Girl certainly knows what puts food on the table, wouldn't you say?

IN DENIAL - TAYLOR SWIFT: A source close to TAYLOR SWIFT is shooting down reports that Swift got 'The Girls' done. E! Online reports in no uncertain terms that Taylor has not gotten breast implants! I repeat, NOT gotten breast implants! Rumors started swirling yesterday after Taylor was photographed wearing a snug dress that highlighted her lady lumps in a way no one seems to have noticed before. So why was Taylor looking larger than normal? Well, that's a secret. A Victoria's Secret!

SIMON COWELL SORRY FOR TELL-ALL BOOK: This has to be a first! SIMON COWELL has apologized for something he said. Simon's mea culpa has to do with the new unauthorized biography "Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell" which was written with Simon's cooperation. At the book's launch this week, Simon said, "I want to publicly apologize to anybody I embarrassed because I have tried to keep my private life quiet a bit, and I do have to apologize to certain people and certain members of my family."

Among the things he admits to in the book is having a secret affair with former 'X Factor' U.K. judge Dannii Minogue, and to being obsessed with the shows other judge, Cheryl Cole. He also admits to once considering doing the giggitty with fellow American Idol judge PAULA ABDUL -- until he considered the morning after. And then there's this nugget: Although he's never met JENNIFER LOPEZ, he, quote, "can't stand her."



WAS LINDSAY LOHAN A 'NIGHTMARE' ON SET OF GLEE???: LINDSAY LOHAN may not be a changed woman after all. Sources connected with the television show "Glee" are calling Linds a "nightmare" to work with. An insider told E Online Lindsay showed up "three hours late in the morning, and when she did finally arrive, she just didn't want to be there." The insider adds that Linds "had not memorized her lines, and...kept disappearing so no one could find her."

However her rep tells a different story. "The production team wanted to begin with Lindsay at 3, so that meant she had a lot of time where she wasn't doing anything. That's why people didn't see her. She was then in hair and makeup and began after lunch at 3." He then took umbrage at all the talk of Lindsay's perceived unprofessional behavior saying, "If there was a problem yesterday, I would have just said 'no comment,' however I can't ignore this because this is utter B.S. This is a classic example of people trying to bash Lindsay."

Speaking of La Lohan ... she and Kim Kardashian will be sitting at the same table tomorrow night at the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington. Kim and her mom were invited by the FOX NEWS network, and Lindsay will be the guest of Fox host GRETA VAN SUSTEREN. Word is Linds is bringing her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, with her. Sadly, there won't be any drama between the two stars because they happen to like each other. Lindsay, in fact, attended Kim’s wedding to KRIS HUMPHRIES.

BABY POOP: SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR and hubby FREDDIE PRIZE JR.are expecting their second child. There's no word on the due date. Their first, daughter Charlotte Grace, was born in 2009.

WATCH: Those precocious British cuties showed up on "ELLEN" again yesterday. Sophia Grace and her sidekick Rosie -- dressed in their usual uniform of princess dresses and tiaras -- danced, sang and were their adorable selves again.