WILL BRANGELINA BE TYING THE KNOT SOON???: They said they'd never do it, but it's starting to look like BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE are finally ready to make THE BIG MISTAKE. "Us Weekly" is reporting that after six years -- and six kids! -- the couple known as Brangelina is planning a wedding, one that would likely take place at their estate in France.

A source supposedly close to Brad and Angie tells the mag that the affair, were it to happen, would be "intimate and informal," so don't expect a Will and Kate-style blowout. Pitt had hinted at the exchange of vows a few months ago, when he said in an interview, quote, "the kids ask about marriage...it's meaning more and more to them."

ROMANCE REPORT - RYAN REYNOLDS AND CHARLIZE THERON!!!: RYAN REYNOLDS is apparently started dating CHARLIZE THERON. That according to a source close to the couple who tell Us magazine "they've been dating for months. They're exclusive and it's very hush-hush." While the couple refuses to attend events together, a neighbor reports that Reynolds has been spending a lot of time at Charlize's pad.

OR IS RYAN DATING EX-WIFE SCARLETT JOHANSSON???: Could Ryan be juggling two chicks at once???!!! While "Us" claims he's been getting all smoove up in Charlize Theron, "Life & Style" has him hooking up with ex-wife, SCARLETT JOHANSSON.

According to the tab, they were spotted dining together at a restaurant in Los Angeles Saturday night. A source say Scarlett was being, quote, "very flirty with him. The way Ryan looked at her, you could tell he still has feelings." If Life & Style's source is to be believe, Scarlett still has feeling for Ryan too, because she was, quote, "pinching Ryan's cheeks and caressing his face. Something's definitely up."

ROMANCE REPORT - RENEE ZELLWEGER AND JOHN STAMOS: Is JOHN STAMOS getting all smoove up in RENEE ZELLWEGER??? "Us Weekly" is breathlessly reporting that TWO, count 'em TWO, people are claiming to have seen them together at Disneyland this past Monday.

One says, quote, "They were having a great time laughing and dancing as they walked from one ride to another. They looked really close and both very happy." Both witnesses say the couple was trying hard to not be noticed, and apparantly Renee was way more successful at it than John was.
Both of the sources say they asked Renee to take a picture of them with John and only realized who SHE was AFTER the fact.

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UPDATE - MILA AND THE MARINE MAY NOT HAPPEN: We told you the other morning about Marine Sergeant Scott Moore and how he'd posted a YouTube video asking MILA KUNIS to the Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina on November 18th. In an interview with Fox News earlier this week, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE told Mila she HAD TO accept, so she did.

But now there's a possibility it may not happen. "Access Hollywood" reported yesterday that Mila is committed to filming two movies at that time, so she might not be able to make it. If that's the case, she'll meet with Scott personally some time after he returns from Afghanistan instead.

AND NOW A MARINE HAS ASKED JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE TO THE BALL: Now a female Marine has posted a YouTube video asking Justin to attend HER Marine Corps Ball.

Corporal Kelsey De Santis -- currently serving as the only female at the Martial Arts Center for Excellence (MACE) at Marine Corps Base Quantico -- tells JT, quote, "So, Justin, want to call out my girl Mila? Well, I'm gonna call you out and ask you to come to the Marine Corps ball with me on November 12. So far there's been no response from Justin

UPDATE - HALLE BERRY'S ALLEGED STALKER PLEADS NOT GUILTY: Never mind the witnesses and security cameras, HALLE BERRY'S alleged stalker pleaded not guilty to the charge of felony stalking.  At the court date, the judge also issued a restraining order that prohibits the alleged stalker, Richard Franco, from coming within 500 yards of Halle and her residence for three years.


MAGAZINE DISSED BY LINDSAY LOHAN PUTS HER ON BLAST, DISHES DIRT: A writer for Plum Miami Magazine is getting back at LINDSAY LOHAN by dishing about her diva ways. After Lindsay did a photo shoot for the mag, she abruptly backed out of a promised interview, and writer Jacquelynn Powers was none to pleased.  So she's spilling the beans about how Lindsay acted on set.

"As we pulled up to the Fontainebleau, a bright-orange parking cone was blocking the entrance. Not accustomed to waiting, apparently, she lowered the car's window and shouted, 'Move that cone. I'm Lindsay Lohan,'" explains Powers. She say Lindsay was drinking wine while talking about her sobriety and constantly whined about her failed career, and that Linds tried to mile the magazine for all she could.

Powers says they covered the expenses for Lindsay and her entourage even though they didn’t get an interview and then Lohan and her peeps tried to extend the trip. “Monday morning was supposed to be check-out time, but Lindsay and her posse refused to leave," Powers writes. "It was like watching the lights come on at a nightclub after-hours -- not pretty.”

CHARLIE SHEEN NOT DEAD - SHOWS US HIS TWEETS: There were rumors on the internets yesterday that CHARLIE SHEEN had died. Some reports claimed he suffered cardiac arrest, while others simply reported that he had died in his house. It turns out not only was it a hoax, it was a way to get people to click on the story so the website could attempt to install a computer virus. Charlie was quick to squash the rumors, tweeting, "Warlock: long nap…very much alive."

HUGH HEFNER NOT DEAD - SHOWS US HIS TWEETS: Also downplaying rumors of his death yesterday was Playboy founder HUGH HEFNER.

"The rumors of my death are, as Mark Twain observed in a similar situation, greatly exaggerated. I'm very much alive and kicking," he tweeted. "I'm lying in bed next to Shera Bechard with a big smile on my face, reading tweets about my unexpected demise," Hef added.

OH EM GEE!!! KIM KARDASHIAN HAS A SET A WEDDING DATE!!!: According to the "New York Post", KIM KARDASHIAN and KRIS HUMPHRIES have now "officially" set a wedding date: It'll be August 20th in California. And here's a shocker ... it'll be filmed for their reality show.