COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP - IS MARC ANTHONY 'CONSTANTLY HARRASSING' JLO???!!!: This story is courtesy of the not-always-reliable "Us Magazine" so there's no telling how much truth there is to their claims, but it's too good to pass up.

Ok, just about everyone has pretty much decided that it was JENNIFER LOPEZ who left MARC ANTHONY, right? And last we heard, he was going out of his mind trying to get her back. Well that's the basis of the story in the new "Us Weekly". An anonymous source says, quote, "He calls her nonstop, especially when he's drinking. Marc is constantly harassing her." For what it's worth, Anthony's rep denies Marc has made any such calls.

COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP - IS KIEBLER WITH CLOONEY JUST TO GET TO PITT???!!!: Another not-always-reliable source, the "National Enquirer", is running with an equally too good to pass up story. Theirs involves the alleged GEORGE CLOONEY/STACY KIEBLER romance.

The "Enquirer" claims Keibler is only with Clooney so she can get to BRAD PITT!!! Says thier "source", "George is gorgeous, but...Stacy thinks Brad is even better. She's even day­dreamed on Twitter, posting: 'Brad Pitt wouldn't be bad to look at every day!'

"Stacy likes George," the source continues ... "But friends wonder if she's just hanging with him to get to meet his buddy Brad Pitt. She's always daydreamed about Brad and has joked to friends, 'Brad and Angelina won't last forever. One day I'll get my shot with Brad.'"


KAT VON D BREAKS UP WITH TLC, REUNITES WITH JESSE JAMES: It was good news/bad news for KAT VON D yesterday. First, the good news: her engagement to JESSE JAMES is back on!!!

The news hit the same day TLC announced "L.A. Ink" was cancelled and the current season of Kat's reality show would be its last. TLC didn't give a reason for dropping it. Just that the network was, quote, "proud of what the series has accomplished in its four seasons." The series finale will air September 15th.

But Kat says SHE was the one who pulled the plug. She told "People" magazine, quote, "In an effort to capitalize on my recent breakup, the network has decided to focus their energy on re-editing events that didn't happen while filming. " very proud of the original footage [and] any attempt to compromise the honesty of that would be an insult to my fans and viewers."

As for the re-engagment ... Jesse tells "People", "Sometimes you are only given one chance in life. It was up to me to open my eyes and see it. That girl is my chance. I will never stop fighting and striving to hold on to her." Prior to making those comments to "People",  both Kat and Jesse posted picture online. Kat of her and Jesse hugging ...

And Jesse of them kissing, with the caption, quote, "Kat Von D para siempre."

ON A RELATED NOTE - SANDRA BULLOCK CUTS TIES WITH JESSE'S DAUGHTER: According to Jesse Jame's equally tattoed ex-wife, Jane Lindemulder, SANDRA BULLOCK no longer has any contact with their daughter Sunny. (Sunny and Sandra's relationship was the reason James cited for moving to Austin after he and Bullock broke up.)

Lindemulder tells 'Us Weekly',  "Sandra doesn't communicate anymore with Sunny [and] Sunny never talks about her." But Jane isn't hatin'. She says she understands why Sandra would cut all ties to anything Jesse-related, adding. "I don't bear any grudges against Sandra. She has her own son to raise."

KIM KARDASHIAN KNEWS - KIM FORCED TO CUT WEDDING GUEST LIST: KIM KARDASHIAN may have gone a little overboard with the guest list for tomorrow's WEDDING OF THE CENTURY to New Jersey Nets baller Kris Humphries .

The New York Post reports that the venue can't accommodate everyone on Kim's list so she's been forced to cut about 50 guests. Of course, Kim didn't disinvite any famous faces, supposedly opting instead to give relatives of stepdad Bruce Jenner the heave-ho.

MOST AND LEAST POPULAR CELEB POLL RESULTS: Look like BETTY WHITE is still golden. The 89-year-old has been named the most popular and the most trusted celebrity in a just-released Reuters poll.

On the other end of the spectrum, PARIS HILTON topped the list of the most UNPOPULAR and LEAST trusted personalities.

To read the complete poll, click HERE