BABY POOP - JESSICA SIMPSON COULD POSSIBLY BE PREGNANT!!!: JESSICA SIMPSON has supposedly, allegedly been fetused!!! Though it's been reported before, In Touch Weekly "can exclusively confirm" it's for real this time. She's reportedly due in the spring.

A source was quoted as saying that "she's already having kooky cravings," such as nacho chips dipped in chocolate. The insider goes on to says that Jess plans to make an honest man of fiance Eric Johnson in November.

Pregnancy rumors first began in July but Jessica's spokesperson insisted at the time she was not expecting. Her clothing choices, however, are not helping her put those rumors to rest. Just this past Monday, Jessica was spotted in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico wearing a loose-fitting animal print top that could easily have been disguising a growing baby bump. We Report, You Decide.

MJ MADNESS: The manslaughter trial of DR. CONRAD MURRAY got underway yesterday, and prosecutors wasted no time getting to the shock and awe.

During their opening statements, they used a photo of MICHAEL JACKSON'S corpse as a backdrop for their slideshow. They follwed that up with audio of a slurring and obviously under the influence Michael talking about his "This Is It" shows.  Follow this link to peep the pic and listen to the audio.

IN DENIAL - NANCY GRACE: NANCY GRACE is denying having a wardrobe malfunction on Monday's "Dancing With the Stars." She tells TMZ she will "go to my grave denying the nip slip."

After the show, she explained further to reporters: "There was a little bit of movement, but it did not rise to a wardrobe malfunction. There may have been, as [my partner] Tristan said, a little bit of jiggling but there was absolutely not a wardrobe malfunction."

The home audience didn't get to see it anyway ... the show was on a delay and producers cut away during the telecast. In fact it wasn't even alluded to on last night's Results Show. If it didn't happen, why then did ABC to cut away to a pre-taped, zombie-like shot of the audience? Tom Bergeron even joked about it, saying, "On the European version that would be perfectly fine."

Here's a screen-grab. Judge for yourself.

Nancy insists to TMZ that she was wearing a pedal shaped pastie under her bra so the nip slip was impossible, then later Tweeted this picture of herself holding a package of them ...

'DANCING' UPDATE - ELISABETTA ELIMINATED: GEORGE CLOONEY'S most recent ex, Elisabetta Canalis, was eliminated on last night's Dancing With the Stars. Which means CHAZ BONO will dance for you again next week, America!!!

In leaving, Elisabetta said, "It was a gift every day staying here." Joining her in the bottom three were Chaz, who had the previous night's lowest score of 17, and DAVID ARQUETTE.


DID ASHTON KUTCHER CHEAT ON DEMI MOORE AGAIN???!!!: ASHTON KUTCHER is facing new allegations that he cheated on DEMI MOORE. This time on their anniversary weekend!!! Ashton and Demi's sixth anniversary was Saturday. Friday, Ashton was having a boys' night at a bar in San Diego. They supposedly partied well into Saturday morning, which is when Ashton allegedly hooked up with some random!!!

OR IS IT A SHAKEDOWN OF SOME SORT???!!!: The allegations first surfaced yesterday morning when a gossip site recieved an email calling out the "Two and a Half Men" star for sleeping with a close friend of the emailer. An update on the gossip site reports that the woman Kutcher purportedy slept with is asking for a payday of $250,000 for her story. You can read the email and other naughty details HERE.

COULD BE TRUE BUT PROBABLY CRAP - ANGELINA AFTER JENNIFER'S MAN: The "National Enquirer" has taken it upon himself to keep the ANGELINA JOLIE/JENNIFER ANISTON beef alive. They now claim that Angie is courting Jen’s new man to be her co-star in the upcoming sequel "Salt 2".

Their un-named source says Angelina thinks Justin Theroux would be perfect for the part and it also, quote, "gives her a rush to stick it to Jen." But Jennifer isn't going to sit back and let it happen, oh no. The source says, quote, "After Angie's brazen play for Justin, Jen told her rival through her handlers: 'Keep your hands off him!'"

The tab says Angelina hasn't responded yet because “she wants Jen to stay frantic and not know what she is going to do next."

KARDASHIAN SISTERS DISH ABOUT SCOTT'S MANHOOD: Those KARDASHIAN sisters talk to each other, and the press, about everything. Not even SCOTT DISEK’S man thing is off limits.

During an interview with the website xoJane, the subject of Kourtney's man not wearing underwear came up. "Honestly, it's way too much," Kim said. "He has to start wearing some tighty-whities." That’s when Kourtney revealed a bit too much information about the size of Scott's manhood, bragging, "It's like an elephant's trunk!" Khloe, however, seemed less impressed, joking that Scott was "trying to compete" with her husband Lamar Odom.


ON THIS DAY IN TABLOID HISTORY: It was on this day in 2001 that JENNIFER LOPEZ secretly married back up dancer Cris Judd at a private ceremony in Calabasas, California. It lasted 9 months.