IS JENNIFER ANISTON A HOMEWRECKING HYPOCRITE???!!!: Despite calling ANGELINA JOLIE "uncool" for pilfering then-husband BRAD PITT, JENNIFER ANISTON doesn’t seem to have a problem poaching another woman’s man herself.

The New York Post’s Page Six reports Jen’s romance with Justin Theroux has ended his 14-year relationship with his live-in girlfriend, Hollywood costume designer Heidi Bivens. She apparantly moved out of their home last weekend.

Sources tell the gossip site Heidi is “heartbroken”, and was, quote, “completely blindsided” by the news. “He claimed they were just friends,” says one source. One of Justin’s friends, however, tells Page Six "things were already over between him and Heidi before he got close to Jen."

A rep for Bivens confirmed to Page Six things are over and Heidi has moved. A rep for Theroux declined to comment. A rep for Aniston didn't get back to them.

ROMANCE REPORT - JESSICA BIEL, IS COLIN FARRELL HITTIN'DAT???!!!: Last week word on the street was JESSICA BIEL was hooking it up with GERARD BUTLER after photos of her on the back of his motorcycle hit the net.

But now sources say she and COLIN FARRELL - her co star in the upcoming "Total Recall" remake -  might be sharing their well worn naughty bits with each other.

“Jessica loves Colin’s accent and personality,” a source tells the gossip site Hollyscoop. “She’s completely over Justin (Timberlake), she’s having fun being single and thinks Colin is a blast. They’ve been hanging out between takes and Colin’s suggested they go out after work.”

IS KIM KARDASHIAN’S ENGAGEMENT RING A FAKE???!!!: KIM KARDASHIAN keeps insisting she’s 100% natural. The same won’t be able to be said of her 20.5-carat diamond engagement ring soon.

Insiders tell RadarOnline she's so worried about something happening to the $2 million sparkler, she’s having a replica made. The "decoy" ring will be made out of cubic zirconia so Kim can wear it at all times and not have to worry about losing it or having it stolen. "Walking around wearing a ring that's worth around half the value of her house worries her sick,” said the source. “But at the same time she wants to wear the ring all the time."

Meanwhile ... "People" magazine reportedly paid $1 million for exclusive coverage of Kim’s engagement and wedding. There's still no word on when exactly the wedding will take place.

OLIVIA WILDE SHOWS US HER TWEETS: Another Hollywood actress being linked to a string of Hollywood hotties is OLIVIA WILDE, who in recent months has allegedly been dating JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, BRADLEY COOPER, and RYAN GOSLING. And if the truth be told, Wilde *does* have a man in her life.In fact, she recently tweeted this picture of the only male in her life ...

"Ok I know I'm not supposed to tweet sexy photos (damn you [Anthony] Wiener! [sic])," she captioned the photo. "But here is me and my (only!) boyfriend in bed."

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS: Happy birthday to DONALD TRUMP. "The Donald" turns 65 today. Peep the entire bday list here.

LINDSAY THROWS A HOUSE ARREST BBQ!!!: It’s tough being LINDSAY LOHAN. House arrest sure has been hard on her. Yes, that’s sarcasm. So hard, Sunday she "suffered" by throwing a rooftop barbeque.

An insider tells TMZ Lindsay invited some of her close friends over because she missed them. They reportedly sat around and watched the season premiere of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Lindsay is expected to continue the hell that is her house arrest for about two and a half more weeks.

ANGELINA’S LOUIS VUITTON AD: ANGELINA JOLIE is the newest face of Louis Vuitton, and her first ad for the company hit the web Monday. The print ad features Angie in a boat in Cambodia's Siem Reap province, wearing her own clothes, carrying her own Vuitton bag, and little makeup ...