JENNIFER LOPEZ IS TOP CELEB - IS SHE LEAVING 'IDOL'???: JENNIFER LOPEZ tops Forbes magazine's Celebrity 100 list. With $52 million in earnings over the past year, the America Idol judge unseats Lady Gaga, who topped the list last year. The singer sinks to fifth place this time around with $52 million in earnings, down from $90 million last year. The list isn't based only on money. Fame, including the star's presence on social media, is also considered. Oprah Winfrey came in second followed by Justin Bieber.

Meanwhile ... several outlets are reporting that J. Lo is leaving the show that helped revitalize her career. A source tells Us Weekly that Lopez has "too much going on right now" and that her return to American Idol is unlikely. Sources for E! concur, telling that gossip site she'll be done after next week's season ends because she is “too busy.”

The rumor coincides with what J.Lo said to ELLEN DeGENERES in an interview this week. “I don't know if I can go for a third year,” she said. “I miss doing other things. It really does lock you down. Which was nice the first year with the babies being [young], but now they're more mobile. They're about to go to school. I just don't know. I don't know."

On a related note ... check out J.Lo's bikini pics in the online edition of "Vogue". Not too shabby for someone who'll be 43 in July, huh?


SNAPSHOT - A THINNER KELLY CLARKSON: KELLY CLARKSON showed off her new, trimmer figure at the ABC and Entertainment Weekly Upfront party in New York City this week. Along with ther visible weight loss, it appears she's growing out her bangs and going for a less severe style.

JOHN TRAVOLTA MASSEUR HIRES GLORIA ALLRED: "John Doe #1" isn't going away quietly. The masseur who dropped his sexual battery lawsuit against JOHN TRAVOLTA earlier this week has hired high-profile attorney Gloria Allred. She says, "We are in the process of conferring with him regarding the next steps, which he may wish to take." The plaintiff's original lawyer dropped him after he supposedly mixed up the date of the alleged incident.

Meanwhile ... the lawyer for "John Doe #2" now says the remaining suit could go away for the right price. According to attorney Okorie Okorocha, his client is willing to drop the matter for $250,000. "My client will settle for $250k to make this go away quickly and without having any further action being taken in this case," he told the gossip site RadarOnline. "My client wants his life back and for that to happen at this point we would be willing to accept a settlement.”

AND THE HITS JUST KEEP ON COMING - YET ANOTHER MASSEUR COMES FORWARD: Yet another male masseuse is claiming to have had a sexual encounter with John Travolta, although unlike the previous accusers, this one says he didn’t turn Travolta's advances down. Luis Gonzalez, a former masseuse at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel, CA, said he willingly hit dat back in the '80's. Gonzalez said he met Travolta in 1988 and was his masseure on several occasions before they eventually did the dirty. “I was in shock for about a week afterward thinking, 'I can’t believe it! I had sex with John Travolta!'” the tab quotes him as saying.

SNAPSHOT - KATE MOSS' NASTY FEET: KATE MOSS was photographed leaving the Marie Curie Cancer Care event last night sportin' some nasty-looking feet. Radar Online has the jacked-up tootsies photos HERE and HERE.

ROMANCE REPORT - MAKSIM REPORTEDLY DATING 'DANCING' CO-STAR: 'Dancing with the Stars’ pro dancer MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY is once again dipping his pen in the company ink, so to speak. The dancer, who was previously engaged to Dancing’s KARINA SMIRNOFF, is now reportedly dating fellow dancer PETA MURGATROYD, currently partnered on the show with DONALD DRIVER.

Maksim has a history of finding romance on the Dancing set. In addition to Karina and Peta, he also reportedly dated sportscaster ERIN ANDREWS when she competed on the show.

WAIT, WHAT??? 'THE BACHELORETTE' IS BOGUS???!!!: It’s no surprise to hear nothing’s real about reality shows, and that’s allegedly true for 'The Bachelorette'. According to The National Enquirer, the men vying for Emily Maynard’s affection have all been recruited by show producers because they make good TV, not because any of them are actually interested in Emily. For instance, a close relative of contestant Kalon McMahon, who made quite an entrance Monday by arriving via helicopter, claims Kalon has no intention of marrying Emily and is still dating other women.

In addition, an insider says producers picked race car driver Arie Luyendyk Jr. because Emily’s former fiancé, and father of her daughter, was a race car driver who died in a plane crash while she was pregnant. “Producers hoped that would upset Emily, get her to cry and stoke up the drama,” says one insider. “They don’t care about her feelings – they care only about ratings.”