IS DEMI MOORE STARVING FOR ATTENTION???!!!: OK! Magazine is claiming that DEMI MOORE is literally starving for attention. The rag claims Demi has been “subsisting almost entirely on cigarettes and energy drinks” and is now down to 90 pounds!!! According to an "insider", Moore stopped eating in a bid for even more sympathy following the whole ASHTON KUTCHER cheating scandal. “Demi gets morbid comfort from people feeling sorry for her. She’ll take whatever attention she can get right now – even pity,” the source said.

Meanwhile ... ASHTON KUTCHER showed up at the GQ Gentleman's Ball in New York City earlier this week sans Demi. What makes more absence more intersting is that he was there being honored by the charity he co-founded with Demi.  Although Moore was absent, Kutcher did have a date for the night: Rabbi Philip Berg, his rumored spiritual mentor and the current Dean of the worldwide Kabbalah Centre organization.

JESSICA SIMPSON'S GROWING BABY BUMP: Okay, I'm done waiting for JESSICA SIMPSON to make it offical. I'm going to go out on a limb and officially declare that Jessica has been fetused by her unemployed fiancé, ERIC JOHNSON. And as further proof, I offer you these pictures courtesy of Radar Online of Jess out and about in New York City yesterday ...

An OB-GYN who is NOT treating Jessica, by the way, tells the gossip site she looks about SIX MONTHS along.

LINDS GETS OFFERED SEX TOY DEAL: By now you've heard that LINDSAY LOHAN is going to strip down to her alabaster freckled skin for 'Playboy' magazine, and that they paid her close to one million dollars. Well, now the unemployed actress has the opportunity to make even more bank.

She's reportedly being offered a $1 million sex toy deal. TMZ reports that an adult entertainment company wants to take a mold of her lady parts in order to produce “authentic” Lindsay Lohan sex toys. Lindsay supposedly hasn’t seen the offer yet, but sources close to her say she would never agree to it. I wouldn’t be so sure.


KIM KARDASHIAN HAS UPSET SOME OF THE 'DANCING' STARS: KIM KARDASHIAN's Twitter prank allegedly has some 'Dancing With the Stars' contestants calling for her brother ROB'S ouster. Here's what happened ...

Kim was trying to get people to vote for ROB KARDASHIAN after his performance this week on "Dancing with the Stars", and Tweeted, quote, "OMG I have JustinBieber's phone #!!!! CALL HIM! He's taking calls for the next hour!!!!" But it wasn't Justin's number she posted, it was the 1-800 number to vote for Rob.

Radar Online claims some of the other dancers were NOT amused. They quote an on-set insider as saying, "It is totally unfair that Kim did that. The other celebrities on the show don't send out fake information to trick people into voting. "Some of the contestants think that Rob should be disqualified for having his family cheat like that for him." JUSTIN BIEBER, meanwhile, has been too busy having a life to comment on this.

IN DENIAL - NICOLE SCHERZINGER: The word on the World Wide Web of Romance Rumors was that singer DRAKE and X Factor judge NICOLE SCHERZINGER were seen having dinner at a popular West Hollywood restaurant Wednesday night (October 26th). According to, the couple had a "romantic diner" in a private booth, but left separately so that paparazzi couldn't snap any pics of them together. Nicole, who just last week broke up with her boyfriend of four years, hit up Twitter to respond to the rumors. "Wow," she wrote. "Now anyone that happens to be in the same restaurant is linked to me."

CREEPIEST CELEBRITIES: 1,100 people were recently asked to rank various celebrities' creepiness on a scale of 1 to 100, and evidently the majority of those surveyed still think it's the mid 1990's because MARILYN MANSON was the top vote-getter with 69%.

Casey Anthony was the next closest with 57%, followed by O.J. Simpson (56%)mSpencer Pratt (49%), and "Octomom" Nadya Suleman (41%).

ROMANCE REPORT - HAS BLAKE LIVELY MOVED IN WITH RYAN REYNOLDS???: After just a few short weeks dating, words on the street is BLAKE LIVELY and RYAN REYNOLDS have quickly become roommates. Sources say Blake is practically running a shuttle service between the upper east side of Manhattan where she works on "Gossip Girl" and Ryan's Boston condo.

HOTTEST BLONDE CELEBRITY: The New York Blondes website just released their picks for the "100 Hottest Celebrity Blondes for 2011" and the winner is the, quote, "beautiful and wholesome...All-American girl", CARRIE UNDERWOOD. The rest of the Top 5 consisted of CHARLIZE THERON at #2, follwed by BROOKLYN DECKER, HEIDI KLUM, and ... PARIS HILTON???!!!

BABY POOP: ELTON JOHN and his man hit the streets of New York City yesterday with son Zachary in tow. Check out the priceless expression on Zach's face ...