CHARLIE SHEEN LOSES A GODDESS/GAINS TV SHOW???: CHARLIE SHEEN is now a lone warlock.His last remaining "goddess" has left his "hooker pad." A Sheen insider told Us Weekly Natalie Kenley has left the building after "[the relationship] ran its course."

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Meanwhile ... Radar Online reports Sheen has teamed up with Lionsgate to to create and star in a new show about a guy who's very similar to the bad-boy character he played on "Two and a Half Men", but raunchier. A spokesperson for TBS, however, denies being in discussions with Charlie's people. A Lionsgate rep said she was, quote, "unable to confirm the story" when contacted about it, and Charlie's own rep "[couldn't] comment on anything at this time."

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BREAKING NEWS!!! KIM KARDASHIAN SETS WEDDING DATE!!!: KIM KARDASHIAN and her baller boyfriend, KRIS HUMPHRIES, have set a wedding date. They're just not telling us.

The only reason we know is because KATHIE LEE GIFFORD revealed on her NBC morning program she and her husband were invited and "told a particular date" but won't give up the details. But if it's any consolation an insider tells the gossip site Popeater it's sometime in early August, and the wedding will be taped for an E! special

MARIAH CAREY TWEETS PIC OF BABY (SORT OF): MARIAH CAREY tweeted this photo of new baby Monroe with the caption, “This is baby Monroe saying "no pictures dahhhhling" at 7+1/2 weeks..oh dear :)” Rest assured she’ll pick up Mom and Dad’s love of attention soon enough. It’s in her genes!

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS for Tuesday June 28 Include Kathy Bates and John Cusack

ROMANCE REPORT: I guess the rumors of their demise were exaggerated, and 52-year-old MADONNA is apparently still dating 24-year-old dancer, Brahim Zaibat. 'People' snapped this pic of the love birds in France over the weekend ...

ROSE McGOWAN SHOWS US HER TWEETS: ROSE McGOWAN was driving yesterday when the roof of her car flew off!!! And, no, her car is NOT a convertible. Yikes!!!

She tweeted this picture of the car roof sitting on the sidewalk with the caption, "Kind of ruined a perfectly good afternoon."