IS BEYONCE INTENTIONALLY LIGHTENING HER SKIN??? - WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE: Is BEYONCE -- or her people -- purposely lightening her skin to sell records? That's the talk after new photos being used to re-promote Bey's latest CD "4" hit the net showing her with a much lighter shade of brown.

This isn't the first time Beyoncé has been accused of lightening her skin tone. In 2008, a L'Oreal advertisement prompted a similar complaint.

So what do you think? Is it just an effect of lighting and makeup, or is it conscious effort to try to make Beyoncé look whiter? We Report, You Decide!

HORSEFLY NAMED AFTER BEYONCE WHILE STRAIN OF MARIJUANA NAMED AFTER BLUE IVY: An Australian researcher has paid BEYONCE the highest compliment by naming a species of horsefly after her. He said he's named this particular fly "Scaptia (Plinthina) beyonceae" because ...

(1.) It was first captured in 1981, the year Beyoncé was born, (2.) It has a gold-colored backside, which the researcher describes as, quote, "bootylicious", and (3.) To help draw attention to his research so that, quote, "we can measure our human impact on the environment and protect it for future generations to enjoy." The researcher says he hasn't heard from Beyoncé, and hopes she will take his scientific gesture as a compliment.

Meanwhile ... TMZ reports a strain of marijuana has been named after Bey's baby. "Multiple weed dispensaries in Hollywood are cashing in [on the publicity of Blue Ivy's birth] by selling a new strain of marijuana called 'OG Blue Ivy.'"

KRIS JENNER'S LOVER REVEALED!!!: 'Star' magazine has supposedly identified the man who had an affair with KRIS JENNER while she was still married to Robert Kardashian. In her book, 'Kris Jenner and All Things Kardashian', Kris named her fling "Ryan," but the tabloid reports his real name is actually Todd Waterman, and that he's a well-known Hollywood animator. "We dated for a year and a half," confessed Todd. "I was playing pro soccer and I was training with [the] L.A. Heat. That’s how we met."

Waterman, however, is not believed to be KHLOE'S "real" father as their affair occurred when Khloe was five. (--Kris' admission of the affair has led to speculation by 'Star' that Khloe is not Robert's biological daughter.)

DID KIM K. PLAN HER OWN PROPOSAL???!!!: Remember last fall when KRIS HUMPHRIES proposed to KIM KARDASHIAN on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" by spelling out the words 'will you marry me' in red rose petals, before producing a $2 million dollar diamond ring?

Well, according to Radar Online, not only was the marriage fake, but so was the proposal. Their sources say Kris is telling trusted friends and family that Kim actually planned their wedding proposal. He had originally wanted to pop the question in his home state of Minnesota, but Kim had specific instructions on how she wanted the proposal done and it was, quote, “absolutely no surprise to her whatsoever.”

SNAPSHOT: DEMI MOORE showed up at the Cinema For Peace event in Beverly Hills over the weekend with daughter RUMOR, and still looking painfully thin ...