IRS SEIZES LINDSAY LOHANS'S MONEY: The hits just keep on coming for LINDSAY LOHAN-- the IRS has reportedly seized all her bank accounts.

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According to TMZ, the $233,000 Linds owes for 2009 and 2010 just scratch the surface, because Lindsay owes taxes for 2011 as well. Even that $100,000 Charlie Sheen gave her wasn't enough to keep the Man off her back. TMZ says Lindsay's desperately trying to raise some cash to pay off her debts. Scroll down for even more Lohan Lunacy.

WAS TEAR GAS USED ON KIM KARDASHIAN PROTESTERS IN BAHRAIN?: KIM KARDASHIAN was in Bahrain Saturday for the opening of a Millions of Milkshakes store, and caused quite a stir. According to reports, thousands of fans, who had paid up to $1,360 for a ticket, broke into "hysterical screams" upon her arrival at the mall.

But the international news agency Reuters says not all them were fans. About 100 so-called hard line Sunni Muslims greeted Kim with jeers and banners -- some of which referred to her as a porn star. They, in turn, were reportedly greeted by police with tear gas. The promoter, however, denied that report last night, tweeting, quote, "WHAT PROTESTS?? Kim Kardashian loved by the people of Bahrain & wants to return!!"

KIM KARDASHIAN HAS HERPES: Kim returned from the Middle East on Sunday with more than just tens of thousands more in her bank account. Kimmy came back with a kold cold sore. (PHOTO)

EVEN MORE LOHAN LUNACY: The woman LINDSAY LOHAN allegedly punched has hired celebrity attorney GLORIA ALLRED to represent her. Lindsay has in turn hired a private detective to check into the woman. According to TMZ, fellow club-goer and alleged victim, psychic Tiffany Mitchell is now claiming Lindsay called her a "f**king gypsy" before supposedly punching her in the face. The gossip site says after Linds made the disparaging remark, Mitchell's friend told Lindsay her Lifetime movie sucked, and that’s when Lilo allegedly threw a punch that struck Mitchell in the face.

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Lindsay is denying the punch, as per TMZ, but not that she called Mitchell a "gypsy." Lindsay's claiming that Mitchell approached her in the club offering to give her a reading, but Lindsay refused. She then claims Mitchell and her friends tried to swipe her purse. Lindsay says she confronted Mitchell and called her "gypsy," but says she did not know the word was considered a slur.

MAZEL TOV! MARIO LOPEZ: MARIO LOPEZ married his baby mama Saturday in Punta Mita, Mexico. Don't worry that your invitation got lost in the mail. The wedding was filmed by TLC and will be turned into a two-hour special that'll air next Saturday on TLC. Anyone else remember when TLC stood for The Learning Channel?

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RIHANNA AND CHRIS BROWN SHOW US THEIR PICS: RIHANNA and CHRIS BROWN each posted suggestive photos of the two of them together over the past few days. Rihanna posted a shot of her straddling Chris and the caption, "i dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!"


Chris posted a picture of himself and a scantily clad Rihanna wrapped in what looks like a comforter.


But the best photo of them was posted on CONAN O'BRIEN's Team Coco Facebook page. They took Ri's picture and Photoshopped it to make it look like Rihanna was strangling Chris, titling it "The Rihanna and Chris Brown Instagram That Should Have Been"


On a related note ... Chris will NOT be charged for allegedly grabbing a woman's cell phone this past February in Miami when she tried to take his picture. Pay off, er, I mean, lack of evidence.

SNAPSHOT - ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER'S AWFUL BOWL CUT:  Check out ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's horrible new 'do. Let's hope it's for a movie role. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

THEN AND NOW - ANNA CHLUMSKY: When last we saw ANNA CHLUMSKY, she was mourning Macaulay Culkin's death-by-bee-stings in the movie "My Girl". Ana's now 32, (today is her birthday) and on the HBO series "Veep" with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

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