THE ASHTON/DEMI BREAKUP RUMORS CONTINUE: Although they haven't said much about the rumors, it's looking more and more like DEMI MOORE and ASHTON KUTCHER may really be through. Let me count thy ways ...

1. According to Radaronline, the avid Twitter users have even separated on the social networking site. Moore stopped following Ashton on Twitter earlier this year and only recently began to follow him again, while Ashton isn't following Moore at all.

2. A source tells Entertainment Tonight that Demi and Ashton have allegedly been separated for months, and "had been receiving counseling from Kabbalah over the summer to try and fix their marriage," but it apparently didn't work.

3. Friday, Ashton stepped out in LA wearing his wedding band and then later in the day he and Demi were reportedly spotted together at the Los Angeles-area Kaballah center. The two stars, -- both wearing their wedding rings -- attended a private meeting for approximately an hour before walking to their car separately.

GENE SIMMONS MAKES 'THE BIG MISTAKE': After 28 years of living in sin and making baby Jesus cry, and two children, GENE SIMMONS has finally made an honest woman out of SHANNON TWEED.

The rocker/reality star made THE BIG MISTAKE Saturday in front of 400 guests at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Highlights of the wedding will air on A&E's "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" on October 18th. Season seven premieres tomorrow with Shannon responding to Simmons' proposal, which ended season six. SPOILER ALERT!!! She says yes!!!

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AS HEARD ON MIKE&TRICIA MORNINGS: Gene Simmons recites his wedding vows ...

ROMANCE REPORT - ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS: "Saturday Night Live" cast member Kenan Thompson has gotten engaged. The 33-year-old is set to wed model Christina Evangeline on November 11th.

--Elizabeth Hurley has gotten engaged to Australian cricket star Shane Warne.

--Jack Osbourne - Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's 25-year-old son, proposed to model and aspiring actress Lisa Stelly, after only four months of dating.


MICHAEL JACKSON MADNESS - CONRAD MURRAY TRIAL DAY 4 RECAP: There was some pretty harsh testimony against DR. CONRAD MURRAY in court on Friday. Possibly the most damning statement was this one, by paramedic Richard Senneff : "If [Murray] would have called us when he needed to, we could have saved [Jackson]."

Senneff was one of the EMTs who were called to MICHAEL JACKSON'S house on June 25th, 2009. And that statement backs up earlier testimony by Michael's security guards that Dr. Murray was busy hiding drugs when he should have been calling 911. You'll find a more detailed synopsis HERE.

MARTHA STEWART'S DAUGHTER TELLS ALL - STEWART PEES WITH THE DOOR OPEN!!!: MARTHA STEWART may be a domestic goddess, but according to her daughter Alexis, she wasn't much of a mother.

In her new book “Whateverland: Learning to Live Here”, Martha's 46-year-old only child explains that while Martha loves to advise the public how to get ready for holidays, holidays were not the greatest times around their home.

"She used to make me wrap my own presents," said Alexis. "She would hand me things right before Christmas and say, 'now wrap these but don't look inside.'" And Halloween wasn't any better. "There were no costumes. There was no anything," she writes. "We turned off all the lights and pretended we weren't home."

And if you think Martha had perfect etiquette, you'd be wrong too. "Mother always peed with the door open," she says. Alexis says that even today she is perplexed by some of her mom's habits. "My mother has a sign on all of her doors to take your shoes off," Alexis reveals in the book. "For god's sake! My mother's dogs p*** and s*** on her rugs and she's telling people to take their shoes off?" "Whateverland" hits store shelves on October 18th.