ANOTHER MASSEUR COMES FORWARD - CLAIMS TRAVOLTA ONCE BANNED FROM SPA FOR INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR: The masseurs just keep piling on! A fourth masseur has come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against JOHN TRAVOLTA. Michael Caputo, a former masseur at a luxury hotel in Manhattan, is claiming that Travolta was banned from the hotel’s spa for three years due to inappropriate behavior. Caputo tells the New York Daily News that Travolta was blacklisted after male staffers complained that he would grind against the massage table, remove the towel and lift his butt in the air during his massage. According to Caputo, the ban happened about a decade ago.

Travolta’s attorney, Marty Singer, is denying this story as well, calling these latest accusations nonsense and telling the Daily News that Travolta has "never been banned", and that John has "never acted improperly." Singer added that Caputo is nothing more than a "disgruntled employee" hoping for his fifteen minutes.

RIHANNA TOPLESS!!! AGAIN - THIS TIME AS A SWAMP CREATURE: RIHANNA found a new way to go topless and get away with it. While filming the video for "Where Have You Been", she covered her bobbly bits in alligator hide! She's apparently playing some kind of swamp creature in the video, which you can view at the bottom of this report.

OMG! THERE *IS* A TYSON BECKFORD SEX TAPE!!!: The rumors of a TYSON BECKFORD sex tape have been confirmed. By Tyson himself, no less. Footage of the 41-year-old having a hand party during an Internet video chat with a female model is being shopped around, but Beckford isn't sweating it.  "Don't even faze me," he tweeted. "We all do it, just mine got caught on film." He added, "Not much of a sex tape, LOL." We'll be the judge of that, sir!


 'DANCING' UPDATE – MENOUNOS FREAKS, JENKINS SLIPS: On last night's "Dancing With the Stars", KATHERINE JENKINS injured her back at the end of her salsa. Here she is discussing the injury with TOM BERGERON and BROOKE BURK ...

And here's video of the dance. It happens at around the 1:29 mark:

Meanwhile ... MARIA MENOUNOS got a perfect score for her tango, and promptly lost her s***. Listen to Maria's amusing reaction below ...

On a related note, and speaking of Menounos … are she and pro dancer DEREK HOUGH having a show-mance???!!!

The way they stare into each other’s eyes after every dance has me wondering. Like last night. Check out they way they were hungrily looking at each other ...

Do you think something is going on between the two?


LADY GAGA UNVEILS SECOND MEAT DRESS: LADY GAGA surprised fans while performing in Tokyo this past weekend by debuting a new custom-made meat dress. Gaga's photographer pal Terry Richardson shared a photo of Gaga in the latest meat creation. In the pic, Gaga is singing and dancing among animal carcasses in the short, corset-style strapless dress while holding on to a meat hook in a butcher's shop-style setting.

MARIAH CAREY POSTS PICS OF TWINS’ BDAY BASH: MARIAH CAREY and hubby NICK CANNON posted photos of twins Moroccan and Monroe’s recent birthday bash. Word is the party, which took place in Paris on April 30, was a lavish affair, but really, did you expect anything less?

The b-day bash pics are posted on the twins’ personal website. Yes, you read correctly, the twins have their own website. The party took place in Paris on April 30.

WAIT, WHAT??? THE KARDASHIAN IMPLANT IS ALL THE RAGE!!!: Your days of tweezing, plucking, and shading your eyebrows may be over, ladies. Thanks to KIM KARDASHIAN big, bushy eyebrows are in! And thanks to a little procedure being done in Southern California, you can now get an eyebrow transplant procedure done so you too can have the bold look of Kim K's eyebrows! According to the Stir website, the procedure consists of transplanting some of your arm and leg hairs onto your face. I suppose there are worse places they could get hair from.

BABY POOP: The Big Bang Theory star SIMON HELBERG -- who plays Howard on the show -- and his wife Jocelyn welcomed a baby girl last week, Us Weekly confirmed.  They named her Adeline. This is the first child for both.

Meanwhile ... BARRY "GREG BRADY" WILLIAMS shared a photo of his baby daughter Samantha Rose with the Rumorfix gossip site yesterday. Click HERE to wook at the wittle baby.

WATCH - RIHANNA IS A SWAMP CREATURE IN HER NEW MUSIC VIDEO: We don't see much of the alligator swamp creature thing in the actual video, but she does deliver some of her now-patented Vajay-jay Slaps at about the 3:12 mark.