BRITNEY'S FORMER BODYGUARD ALLEGES BRIT PICKS HER NOSE AND FARTS ON THE REGULAR: The former cop named Fernando Flores who worked as BRITNEY SPEARS' bodyguard between February and July of last year is alleging in a lawsuit  that Britney farted incessantly and did not shower. I guess that makes her "Toxic" Hi-Yo!!!

In fact, the sexual harassment lawsuit features a whole list of crazy Britney behaviour. Here's what TMZ says this Fernando guy is claiming ...

Britney regularly breaks wind and picks her nose, quote, "unapologetically." She also doesn't shower for days, never brushes her teeth, and rarely wears deodorant. He also alleges she would make her staff call her things like "Queen Bee" and, for some reason, "Jennifer", and would regularly take Ritalin, a drug used to treat heroin or morphine addictions, and meth.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE: The sexual harassment part of the lawsuit is because he says 'Queen Bee' would call him to her bedroom when she was naked and parade around in front of him. He claims he had enough of her unwanted sexual advances and left her employment last July when she bent over in a short nightie to expose herself to him. (--He's suing for $10 MILLION in damages.)

BRITNEY'S RESPONSE: Britney responded yesterday with one quick sentence. Quote, "He's a liar." Her lawyers have filed a motion to strike all of those allegations from the lawsuit because, they say, they're all blatantly false.

WAS BEN AFFLECK THE REASON FOR J.LO'S DIVORCE???!!!: According to several gossip sites and tabloids, JENNIFER LOPEZ has been unhappy in her marriage with MARC ANTHONY for years. But it was only after an email from ex-fiancee, BEN AFFLECK, that she found the strength to dump Marc.

"Us Weekly" reports in their cover story that Jennifer's mom, Guadalupe, always loved Ben and has stayed in touch with him over the years. When Guadalupe realized just how unhappy her daughter truly was, she reached out to Ben, who then email Jennifer some motivational words and advice. Three days later, Jennifer dumped Marc.

Many theories have been floating around the internets about why J.Lo and Marc broke up ... the leading one is that Marc was just too controlling and dominating.  Lots of stories are now coming out about him getting mad over her fashion choices at both photo shoots and when primping for events.

J.LO TELLS WEDDING GUESTS SHE’S HAPPY: Meanwhile, Ms. Lopez has been making some bank Jennifer was paid $1 million plus perks, like a $4,100-a-night suite, to perform at a wedding in the Ukraine Tuesday, and word is she didn’t let the breakup get her down.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"Are you happy?" she screamed to the 500 guests at the bash. "I am happy, because I am here with you today!" The wait staff at the hotel say Jenny From the Block spent much of the day inside, but was “very pleasant” and "smiled a lot" when she finally emerged.

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS FOR THURSDAY JULY 21 Include Comic/Actor Robin Williams and Selena Gomez

PARIS WALKS OUT OF INTERVIEW AFTER BEING ASKED IF HER MOMENT HAD PASSED!!!: PARIS HILTON walked out of an interview with ABC's Good Morning America after she was asked if KIM KARDASHIAN has surpassed her in popularity and fame.

When reporter Dan Harris asked Paris if she was concerned that her "moment (has) passed." Paris looked off-screen - possibly at her publicist - and let out a pouty grunt. Harris then asked, quote, "You want to wrap-up?" At that point, Paris stood up out of her chair and walked off the "set."



Kim is suing Old Navy for using a look-alike in a recent ad campaign. Her attorney filed the suit yesterday citing “unauthorized use of Kardashian's name, likeness, identity and persona." According to TMZ, she could be seeking up to $20 million in damages. The Kim Kopy, by the way, is model Melissa Molinaro, who just happens to be dating Kim’s ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush!

 ROMANCE REPORT - JENNIFER ANISTON IS 'PRE-ENGAGED'(???): According to "OK" magazine, JENNIFER ANISTON is close to getting engaged!!! How close? “They’re kind of pre-engaged,” a friend of Jen’s tells the tab.

What exactly is being ‘pre-engaged’, you ask? That means the rings she and JUSTIN THEROUX have been spotting wearing signify they’re kinda-sorta-theoretically engaged, and hopefully ... if thing go well ... they'll get engaged for real one day. Mazel tov Jen! Finally, someone is kinda sorta theoretically thinking of making an honest woman of you.

CELEBRITY SPLITSVILLE: LEONARDO DICAPRIO and BLAKE LIVELY are supposedly done, and word is Leo’s mom is a big part of why.

According to anonymous sources in a British tabloid called "Now Magazine", Leo dumped Blake because his mom didn't approve. Said the source, "[Blake] tried hard to impress Leo's mom when they met but [his mom] couldn't stand her. She told Leo that Blake was far too 'up herself' for him."

His mom’s opinion apparently mattered a lot to Leo, because, quote, “The fact that [his mom] didn’t like her put him off.”

DENISE RICHARDS SHOWS US HER TWEETS:  DENISE RICHARDS tweeted a picture of her family's latest addition yesterday. “My adopted daughter in USweekly this week!” Richards wrote. She also included a link to this photo from the magazine ...