COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP - ASHTON MOVES OUT/DEMI'S A DRUNK!!!: "Life & Style" magazine is claiming that ASHTON KUTCHER has moved out on DEMI MOORE, but not because he wants to keep nailing random younger chicks ... because Demi has been hitting the booze hardcore lately.

According to the tab's source, quote, "Ashton loves her, but he can't stick around and watch her do this to herself." The source then adds that Demi's daughters and her ex-husband BRUCE WILLIS are backing Ashton and trying to force Demi to get help.

As for Ashton's alleged fling with the Sara Leal chick ... the source says, quote, "He may have fooled around with this girl, but his wife is his priority. Ashton's trying to deal with Demi's problems." And what, he thought he could find the solution inside another woman's vagina???!!!

Meanwhile . . . the "Star" tabloid has slapped some pics of Ashton with Sara in the early morning hours of September 24th on the cover of the latest issue. September 24 is when they allegedly hooked up at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego.

LADY GAGA vs SIMON COWELL IN SEE THROUGH TOPS!!! - WHO YOU GOT???: Let's do one of those who-wore-it-best chick mag features now. On the left is LADY GAGA in London yesterday wearing a see-through top with the naughty bits strategically covered by a non-see-through rose pattern. On the right is SIMON COWELL in a navy see-through knit shirt that exposes the outline of his famous moobs. Who Wore It Best???!!!

KRISTIN CAVALLARI BASHES 'DWTS': It's clear from her recent comments that KRISTIN CAVALLARI was as shocked as everyone else when she was eliminated Tuesday from "Dancing With the Stars." Kristin said of the show, "[It's]clearly not a dance competition".

She does have a point. Kristin has consistently recieved high marks and priase from the judges. but despite getting the lowest score the last two weeks, CHAZ BONO is the one who lives to dance another week. Producers -- already excited about the talk having him on the show created, were estatic to read Cher's tweet about being in the audience if Chaz made it through. Kristin Cavallari may have paid the price for all that publicity.

From a press standpoint, Chaz is such a ratings grabber, show producers would love to keep him on during next month's November ratings sweeps. When reache for comment, a spokeswoman for ABC said, quote, "That's up to the viewers". But not everyone believes that.


MICHAEL JACKSON MADNESS - CONRAD MURRAY TRIAL DAY 7 RECAP: On the first day of DR. CONRAD MURRAY'S manslaughter trial, prosecutors played audio that Dr. Murray had recorded of a supposedly drugged MICHAEL JACKSON slurring his words. Yesterday, Jurors heard the rest of that dramatic recording.

As he drifts off into a drug-fueled stupor, Jackson talks to Dr. Conrad Murray about his plans for the "This Is It" shows, including raising money to start the Michael Jackson Children's Hospital. LISTEN. A more detailed synopsis, including video and expanded audio of MJ's drug induced ramblings , HERE.

JOHNNY DEPP SORRY FOR RAPE COMMENT: In an interview with "Vanity Fair", JOHNNY DEPP said doing photo shoots was like being raped. Now he's apologizing for his comment. "I am truly sorry for offending anyone in any way," he said in a statement yesterday. "It was a poor choice of words on my part in an effort to explain a feeling."

BABY POOP: She announced her pregnancy to a worldwide audience at the recent MTV Video Music awards, and now BEYONCE is incorporating her growing baby bump into her music.  In the 30 second teaser video (below)for her song, "Countdown", Bey -- in a clinging black dress, turns to the side and shows off her growing belly. The baby, rumored to be a girl, is due next spring.

WATCH: 30second "Countdown" teaser video. The full length video version of the song will premiere tomorrow ...

2. Check out JESSICA ALBA's just released pic of herself with baby Haven. She's so cute! Haven, too!!!