DID KRIS HUMPHRIES CHEAT ON KIM KARDASHIAN???!!!: How's this for a twist on KRIS HUMPHRIES/KIM KARDASHIAN blink-and-you-missed-it marriage ...

Radar Online has published photos that appear to show Humphries partying with a couple of blonde chicks in the New York City hotel suite he shared with Kim leading many to wonder if the NBA baller cheated on her!!!

We Report, You Decide! Peep the pics HERE.

WILL SMITH SPOTTED PARTYING WITHOUT HIS WEDDING RING: The World Wide Web of Speculation is wondering what's up with WILL SMITH partying in Trinidad recently without his wedding ring.

According to "Star" Magazine, Will partied with longtime friend Duane Martin at some local hot spots until 4 am, and both Jada and Tisha Campbell -- Duane's wife -- were nowhere to be found. The gossip site Bossip adds that Will was also spotted chilling with 'Project Runway 9' winner Anya Ayong Chee and Soca Queen Fay Ann Lyons. Is this just an innocent case of a couple of bros hanging, or do you believe where there's smoke there's fire? We Report, You Decide!

BEING JLO’S BOY TOY HAS ITS PRIVILEGES: Being JENNIFER LOPEZ’S rebound sure has its privileges. I mean, besides getting your swerve on with Jennifer Lopez. According to TMZ, that Casper Smart guy she’s said to be dating is not only flying all over the world on her dime, he’s now been given the keys to her Bentley.

And word is he’s not just using her pimped out wheels to chauffeur her around, he can hop behind the wheel anytime he wants to. Niiice.


LINDSAY MISSES 'ELLEN', BUT ON FOR DATE WITH JUDGE: LINDSAY LOHAN missed another important date yesterday, but luckily for her, it was only a TV appearance and not the court date that she is expected to make this morning.

LiLo was supposed to tape an interview for the ELLEN DeGENERES SHOW yesterday to promote her just-published 'Playboy' spread, but she missed her flight back from Hawaii "due to a travel-related issue," her spokesman said. The guest spot was booked two months ago as part of Lindsay's contract with the magazine.Lindsay offered to sit with Ellen today, but yesterday was the show's last day of taping for the season so that ain't happening.

Lindsay will, however, make it to her scheduled court appear later this morning so the judge can determine if she's been a good girl and is keeping up with her probation requirements.

SNAPSHOT - LINDSAY'S NIP SLIP: Prior to her 'travel-related issue', Lindsay spent time cavorting  on the beach in Honolulu. Her bikini top promptly used the opportunity to malfunction ...

That's it? Awww, man. If only there was some sort of publication with pages of photos featuring Lindsay showing way more than a slight nip-slip.

ROMANCE REPORT - DIAZ AND DIDDY: Things seem to be getting more serious between CAMERON DIAZ and SEAN 'DIDDY' COMBS.

Last month, they were spotted lunching in Beverly Hills and dining in Manhattan, but Diaz's rep insisted that both times they were just discussing a new movie project. Well, the New York Post reports that the two superstars were seen in LA last weekend, and they were definitely not discussing work.

The pair was spotted at the nightclub where unnamed and totally unverifiable witnesses say they were at each other's side all night. "They were kissing and making out," said a spy, who added that they were being "very affectionate" while dancing. Public tongue-sharing! It's so on!!!

DID MILEY CYRUS GET THE GIRLS DONE???!!!: We posted a couple of pics yesterday of MILEY CYRUS on the red carpet of some CNN event showing off some mega-cleavage, and now "experts" consulted by “Star” are suggesting she had some work done on the 19-year-old girls. The tab spoke to three plastic surgeons that have surmised by the photos and the photos alone that Miley had surgery.

One thinks Miley COULD be wearing a push-up bra, but that that wouldn’t account for everything. Quote, "Push-up bras are great for cleavage, but don't help out a whole lot when it comes to the exterior breast volume, which is also what I notice in these photos." Another discounts Miley putting on a few pounds as the reason. Quote, "Even a large weight gain would not produce breast enhancement to this degree without implants."

MILEY TWEETS DENIAL: Miley got wind of these critiques and promptly DENIED them. She Tweeted, quote, "Thank you for the compliment but these babies are all mine. I wish they'd realize you don't have to be fake to be beautiful!" My, my, someone thinks highly of herself.

On a related breasteses note ... CHRISTINA HENDRICKS is making her cleavage look like an upside-down butt again. Check her out in these photos from a Johnny Walker ad ...

SPLITSVILLE - KATIE COURIC: KATIE COURIC is getting a fresh start in her career, and she's also making some changes in her personal life breaking up with boyfriend Brooks Perlin after five years.

According to the New York Post, Perlin, who's 17 years younger than Couric, is packing his things and moving out of her high-end Manhattan brownstone. A friend tells the paper the whole thing is amicable, saying,” They enjoyed their time together, but after five years, they've decided to go their separate ways."