TAYLOR SWIFT BOOB JOB - YES OR NO?: Days after TAYLOR SWIFT’S worked the Golden Globe red carpet, seemingly putting her girls on display, many on the World Wide Web of Celebrity Speculation are wondering if Tay got herself a set of new boobs. We Report, You Decide!

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The above pics are from this past Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, while the ones below were taken in early December. Boob job, yes or no?

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LOHAN LUNACY - DID LINDSAY PREVENT PLEA DEAL FROM HAPPENING BECAUSE IT REQUIRES REHAB?!: The saga of LINDSAY LOHAN'S legal troubles took a dramatic turn yesterday afternoon -- mostly because Lohan can't seem to get out of her own way. TMZ is reporting she botched a plea deal when she fired her attorney Shawn Holley. Yes, that's right, Lindsay fired the woman most responsible for keeping her out of prison the last couple of years.

Sources tell the gossip site that attorney Mark Heller, who is repping her in the New York assault case, sent a letter to Holley informing her he was now representing Lindsay on ALL criminal matters. That happened just as Holley was on her way to meet with the prosecutor and judge to work out a deal that would guarantee Lindsay would avoid jail time.

TMZ says Lindsay is now telling friends she never authorized him to do so, even though she signed the letter. She reportedly wants Holley back, and has instructed Heller to send another letter to Holley cancelling the first. What she doesn't want, though, is the agreement Holley was working on which would have her serving 6 months in a "lockdown rehab."

Their sources believes Holley will be present at the early-morning hearing today, but only because she's worked on this case for so long. Lindsay still owes her about $300,000 in unpaid bills.

SNAPSHOT: Just days after announcing her breakup with fiancé Jason Trawick and her “difficult decision” to walk away from a second season of "The X Factor," BRITNEY SPEARS looked to be in good spirits. (PHOTO)

Perhaps it's her rumored Vegas deal? Spears is reportedly close to sealing a super-sized deal to do a year-long residency in Las Vegas at one of the properties owned by Caesars Entertainment Corporation. According to one source, the deal could net Brit more than $100 million a year!

CHARLIE SHEEN-ANIGANS: Here's an amusing exchange between CHARLIE SHEEN and DAVID LETTERMAN discussing his cocaine and its relation to his well publicized meltdown on Dave's show last night ...