DID NANCY GRACE CUT THE CHEESE ON LAST NIGHT'S 'DANCING'???!!!: NANCY GRACE has been accused of accidently letting something else slip out on "Dancing With the Stars" Monday night. Only this time its a gaseous emission!!!

The cheese was allegedly cut while Nancy was talking to BROOKE BURKE after she waltzed to "Moon River". And like the very obvious nip-slip the week before, Nancy is denying she smelt it or dealt it. She told TMZ, quote, "As an ear witness on the scene, I can absolutely exonerate [my partner] Tristan, myself and Brooke. However, the rest of the cast, seated just inches away, all remain under grave suspicion. The investigation continues."

WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE: Here's video. The butt trumpet gets played seven seconds in, right after Nancy says her twin babies are, quote, "smiling so big." It's quiet, but if you turn the volume on your speakers up you can definitely hear it.



SPLITSVILLE - LEO AND BLAKE: The five-month romance is over for LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and BLAKE LIVELY, their reps tell "Us Weekly", although they add that the two "remain friends."

Meanwhile, a source tells "People" that distance and DiCaprio's work schedule was the cause of the breakup.

So has Blake already moved on? Dunno, but she has been spending time with her "Green Lantern" costar, RYAN REYNOLDS. Last Thursday night, they caught a RADIOHEAD concert in New York City along with Ryan's ex, SCARLETT JOHANSSON. The next night she and Ryan took a train from New York to Boston and had dinner together at a sushi restaurant.

'DANCING' UPDATE - ELIMINATION SHOCKER: "Hills" star KRISTIN CAVALLARI was eliminated on last night's "Dancing With the Stars", even after receiving a score of 24 for her samba on the previous night. She was joined in the bottom three by soccer-star Hope Solo and Queer Eye's Carson Kressley.

LISTEN: JIMMY KIMMEL'S take on why Kristin was eliminated:

You know what this means, America ... despite having the lowest score for the second week in a row CHAZ BONO lives to dance another week!!! What's even more awesome is that Chaz's mom, CHER, promises to be in the audience next week. Monday night after Chaz and LACEY SCHWIMMER danced, Cher Tweeted, quote, "Hope Chaz hangs on till next week so I can come sit in the audience and watch!"

Interestingly ... Kristin's ex-fiancé, Chicago Bears quarterback JAY CUTLER, was in the audience during Monday's show. And yesterday, he and Kristen were seen walking hand in hand. Nobody's saying they're back together, but all signs point to 'yes'.


WATCH - MARTHA STEWART ADDRESS HER DAUGHTER'S TELL-ALL BOOK ON HER SHOW: Domestic Goddess MARTHA STEWART is laughing off all the pot-shots her daughter ALEXIS takes at her in her new book "Whateverland". On her show yesterday, Martha called it “hilarious”, “enlightening” and “full of funny stories." She also encouraged us to, quote, "buy it, read and make it a bestseller."

MICHAEL JACKSON MADNESS - CONRAD MURRAY TRIAL DAY 6: Come to find out DR. CONRAD MURRAY had a lot of women in his life, and several of them hit the witness stand yesterday. One of them -- a waitress by the name of Sade Anding, confirmed she was on the phone with Dr. Murray when he realized that something was wrong with MICHAEL JACKSON. You'll find a more detailed synopsis, including pictures and video HERE.