SHOCKING NEWS!!! LINDSAY LOHAN LIED TO POLICE ABOUT HER ACCIDENT!!!: Are you sitting down? Get this, LINDSAY LOHAN may have LIED to the cops who were investigating her accident on Friday. Police reportedly showed up at the hospital where Lindsay was being treated after she rear-ended that truck Friday morning to find out what happened. According to TMZ, she told them that her assistant was driving. What she didn't know was that the assistant had already told the cops Lindsay was the driver!

Could this mean more legal trouble for Lindsay? Don't look at me, I don't know. It was a rhetorical question. But lying to police IS a crime. And she's still on probation for stealing that necklace, so theoretically she could be punished for both the lie itself AND for a probation violation. But who knows. Linds seems to have mastered the art of getting away with everything.

Here's another interesting wrinkle ... A separate source claims that the producers of that Elizabeth Taylor movie had to jump through some serious hoops just to get Lindsay insured so she could join the cast. One concession they had to make was that Lindsay COULD NOT DRIVE. Will this incident cost Lindsay her job? Again,  rhetorical quesiton.

NICK CANNON INITIALLY DOUBTED CONTESTANT’S STUTTER WAS FOR REAL – HOWARD STERN DOESN’T THINK POE SHOULD GET THE BOOT: Add "America's Got Talent" host NICK CANNON to the list of those suspicious of contestant Timothy Poe, the stuttering soldier who seems to have made up -- or at the very least embellished -- his story about being injured while serving in Afghanistan. TMZ caught up with Cannon the other day and asked him about the situation ...

Nick said he had a feeling something was up because at one point backstage when the cameras were off him, Poe didn’t stutter. At first Nick thought Poe was just so emotional he wasn’t stuttering, but said he later felt something was fishy with the guy's story.

Meanwhile ... Judge HOWARD STERN doesn't think Poe should be booted off the show. He feels America should decide whether or not he stays. Quote, "If he doesn't make it, show that reality, and if he makes it through Vegas, let America vote about him. Let the audience decide on talent."

The Vegas round has already been filmed, by the way, and since he's a judge, Stern knows how it plays out but he's obviously not going to reveal anything before it airs. For what it's worth, word on the street is Poe doesn't make it through. You can read more about that HERE.

IS LADY GAGA UPSET THAT MADONNA SEEMS TO BE MOCKING HER?: Over the past few weeks, MADONNA has been doing a mash-up of "Express Yourself" and LADY GAGA'S "Born This Way" ... seemingly to show how "reductive" Gaga is. Well, Lady Gaga responded to Madge's antics during a recent show in New Zealand, and she's not amused. She didn't call out Madonna by name, but she sure seems to be referring to Madonna.

She told the audience, quote, "It sometimes makes people feel better about themselves to put other people down, or make fun of them, or maybe make a mockery of their work. And that doesn't make me feel good at all." Gaga added that she doesn't want to fight back, she just wants to write music. Here's fan video of Madonna doing the mash up during a recent show in Abu Dhabi. The audio is pretty distorted, but you get the idea ...


KRIS HUMPHRIES CALLS FBI ON HIS ALLEGED NEW GIRLFRIEND: KRIS HUMPHRIES can't seem to get a break when it comes to women. First there was his disastrous 72 day marriage to KIM KARDASHIAN, and now he’s been forced to go to the FBI over his latest hook up.

TMZ reports that lawyers for Humphries contacted the FBI Friday, informing them that Kris’ supposed new girlfriend, Fatmire “Myla” Sinanaj, tried to extort money from him. The lawyers say Myla told Kris that unless she received a large payoff, “she’d ruin him.” According to sources, she planned to go public with emails, texts and other documents detailing their relationship.

CELEBRITY PETS: Meet ADELE'S pet Dachshund, Louie ...

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION DENISE RICHARDS, ZAC EFRON: DENISE RICHARDS has broken up with BON JOVI guitarist RICHIE SAMBORA ... again. Last week, Richie was scheduled to present at the CMT Awards and Denise went with him. But something went wrong. A source says, quote, "They had an epic argument and Denise told Richie she couldn't continue the relationship any longer." Richie ended up flying back to Los Angeles before the show, and Denise walked the red carpet alone.

2. ZAC EFRON and LILY COLLINS are reportedly no longer getting all smoove up in each other. A source says they, quote, "were never serious [to begin with.] It was just a casual thing and it fizzled."

SNAPSHOT: CHARLIZE THERON has a new 'do. A buzzcut, no less! Theron was photographed with her baby and in a hat, which covered up her shaved head. Her rep says she shaved most of her hair off for the upcoming "Mad Max" sequel. Peep the pics HERE and HERE.

QUOTE/UNQUOTE: "It's kind of like you're a cow and you're just milking." --SNOOKI on 'Good Morning America' when asked about the whole breastfeeding thing. "But I definitely want to pump because it's the best nutrients for the baby," she added. She also revealed the kid's name: "I think we're going to do 'Lorenzo'. Because then you can call him 'Enzo'."

MILEY CYRUS SHOWS US HER TWEETS: The newer, more "mature" MILEY CYRUS Tweeted out a picture of herself with her boobs all mashed up and spilling over the top of a corset ...