IN DENIAL - KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN DISMISSES CLAIM THAT SCOTT IS NOT MASON’S DAD: KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN is vehemently denying an In Touch magazine article that suggests SCOTT DISICK may not be the father of her son Mason.

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A male model named Michael Girgenti told the magazine he and Kourtney were together in March, 2009 when she and Scott were on a break and that he hit dat nine months before Mason was born. He's asking for a paternity test to prove Scott’s the dad. While a lawyer for Kourtney admits she and Michael did work together, he insists they never got Biblical with each other, and calls the guy's claim “preposterous and an outrageous lie.”


TRIO OF TAWDRY TABLOID TALES UNTRUE, REPS REPORT: While we're on the subject of denials ... the website GossipCop has looked into three separate stories found inside the pages of the National Enquirer, and after talking to their sources, has concluded all three reports below are totally bogus.

1. A source supposedly close to JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and his wife JESSICA BIEL told the website the tabloid’s story claiming JT’s “workaholic ways are wrecking his marriage” is totally false.

2. A source said to be close to the situation labeled the rag’s piece claiming WILL SMITH is on a “mission to save JUSTIN BIEBER" by taking him “under his wing” as “ridiculous.”

3. A JOHN MAYER insider says the tab's claim that KATY PERRY gave Mayer “the heave-ho because she caught the guitar-slinging Lothario cheating on her…AGAIN” are “not correct.”

BIEBER SPIT IN NEIGHBOR’S FACE: We heard yesterday that JUSTIN BIEBER was being investigated by police for battery after he got into an argument with his neighbor and today we have details.

Word is the neighbor confronted Biebs for driving too recklessly in their Calabasas, CA, gated community, and when things got heated ,Bieber hocked a loogie at the man and threatened to kill him. He told cops Justin said, quote, “Get the f**k out of here,” spit in his face, then added, “I’m gonna kill you.” The man filed a battery report and is insisting on having Bieber prosecuted, and TMZ’s “multiple law enforcement sources” insist the D.A. will take the case "seriously."

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By the way … Tricia and I wondered yesterday why Justin’s mom didn’t just take a chankla to him assert some parental control. Well, "Access Hollywood" spoke to her about all the trouble he's been getting into at home and abroad and she said that he's 19 now and she has to step back and let him make his own decisions.

SNAPSHOT: KIM KARDASHIAN isn't going to let a little thing like a huge baby bump get in the way of wearing a tight dress while out on her press promo tour.(PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

On a somewhat related note ... "Us Weekly" claims that TIGER WOODS didn't just scoop up a lonely LINDSEY VONN, he had to woo her away from Kim's ex KRIS HUMPHRIES. Their source says Tiger and Kris were both "courting" Lindsey, and Tiger, we know now, ultimately won her over. What do you think, did she make the right choice?


TODAY IN LINDSAY LOHAN NEWS - LINDSAY’S A HOMEWRECKER!: Star magazine reports that a woman named Aesha Waks is putting LINDSAY LOHAN on blast, claiming Lindsay is a homewrecker.

Linds, she says, hooked up with her boyfriend-of-five-years Liam McMullan last December. “Lindsay destroyed my world,” Aesha told the magazine. “I am devastated and still love him, but he says he wants to be with her and save her.” Liam doesn't deny getting with Lindsay, but says that he and Aesha were already broken up when he started hooking up with LiLo.

Meanwhile ... LoHo's alleged new boyfriend has only nice things to say about her to E! News. While Avi Snow -- guitarist for the band City of Angels -- wouldn’t confirm they're dating, he told E! she's "awesome: and “a lot of fun.”

CELEBRITIES BEHAVING BADLY - ROB KARDASHIAN ACCUSED OF ROBBING PAPARAZZO: The Kardashians usually welcome the paparazzi, but little bro ROB KARDASHIAN evidently took issue with a photographer snapping pics of him shirtless because Rob allegedly stole the photog's camera equipment. According to TMZ, the photographer filed a robbery report Wednesday afternoon after Rob "went berserk because he wasn’t wearing a shirt when the photographs were taken, snatching the camera's memory card so the photos wouldn't get out."

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The photo agency says Rob ran away, promising to pay for the card later. Police are investigating the allegations. Rob, who recently porked up, is in the middle of a big weight loss program, and evidently wants to keep his man boobs to himself.