KHLOE KARDASHIAN KICKS LAMAR ODOM OUT OF THE HOUSE!! - DID LAMAR FOOL AROUND WITH A STRIPPER?!: KHLOE KARDASHIAN and LAMAR ODOM seem to have the most stable relationship of the KARDASHIAN KLAN, but apparently that’s hit a snag. The rarely-reliable Star magazine claims Khloe has kicked Lammie out of the house because he's been cheating on her for over a year!


The tab is now confirming a story it was rumored to be working on a few weeks ago -- that Odom has been fooling around with a chick named Jennifer Richardson since January of last year. Lamar supposedly met her at a Washington D.C. strip joint back when he was playing for the Dallas Mavericks.

It's not clear if she was a stripper, but a friend of Jennifer’s told the magazine, “Lamar and Jennifer ate dinner in an intimate booth together that night, then he took off her shoes and started rubbing her feet. The chemistry between them was off the charts!” Lamar left after that but he got Jennifer’s number and called her to come back to his room later that night.

The source says that since that initial hook up, he's showered Jennifer with cash and gifts, flew her first-class to his away games and put her up in five-star hotels. And what's worse, Star says the relationship is now, quote, "emotional...not just physical."

The Star alleges Khloe kicked Lamar out of the house this past January, but took him back. The affair continued, though, and on June 8th, Lamar moved out. And although Jennifer supposedly has proof of the affair in the form of airline tickets, game tickets and other mementos, Khloe's rep says it never happened.

LAMAR ODOM TRASHES A PAPARAZZO'S CAR, STEALS HIS EQUIPMENT: Lamar Odom is usually a pretty laid-back guy, but yesterday he reached the end of his rope and lost his cool big time with a a couple of photographers.

First, he went into the car of one of the guys and threw a bunch of his camera equipment into the street. Then he took a metal bar and smashed the other guy's car. After that, he went back to the stuff he'd thrown into the street, picked it up, put it in his own car, and then he took off.  (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

The tweets are so loving I'm starting to think Star magazine is full of s***.
JUSTIN BIEBER APOLOGIZES FOR DISSING FORMER PRESIDENT CLINTON, BUT NOT FOR PEEING INCIDENT:  If you didn't think JUSTIN BIEBER was a punk-ass wanna-be with entitlement issues before now, then maybe you will after this. After TMZ posted video yesterday showing Justin and some of his worthless, hanger-on friends leaving a club through the kitchen and Justin  peeing in a mop bucket while his friends brag about being, quote, "wild kids," Bieb lTweeted about the incident, but didn't apologize. Instead, he did what he usually does: blame everyone else.

One person who did get an actual apology was former President BILL CLINTON. Towards the end of said video, Bieber walks by a picture of Clinton on the wall, sprays it with some kind of cleaning liquid and says, quote, "[Eff] Bill Clinton!" Well, apparently, they hugged it out over the phone because Justin aslo Tweeted, quote, "@billclinton thanks for taking the time to talk Mr. President. Your words meant alot. #greatguy."

TODAY IN AMANDY BYNES STRANGE BEHAVIOR: Evidently AMANDA BYNES isn't ready to debut her new nose because while out on the streets of New York yesterday she used her puppy to hide it from the paparazzi. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Amanda also took to Twitter yesterday to threaten another magazine with a lawsuit. After some guy posted a photo and video link of a chick he claimed was Bynes “dancing in the streets of New York,” Amanda replied …

GEORGE CLOONEY - PHONE CALL BREAKUP, SEX STOPPED LONG BEFORE SPLIT: Oh, wow, man, not only did GEORGE CLOONEY break up with STACY KEIBER over the phone, but word is the super-sexy couple weren't exactly hot and heavy before splitting up either.
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

According to TMZ, the pair had been growing apart for months, and with George in Europe and Stacy in L.A., the two agreed to go their separate ways via the phone. “Both sides realized there was no way to have a relationship when you don’t see each other,” claims a source. Meanwhile, other insiders tell Us Weekly the long distance really put a strain on their relationship. “They hadn’t had sex in months,” said the insider. “And they haven't seen each other in a long time. Some girls would be okay with that and just be happy dating George, but not her."

IS THERE GOING TO BE A HALLE BERRY WEEKEND WEDDING?: E! News is reporting that HALLE BERRY and baby daddy OLIVIER MARTINEZ will make it official and tie the knot this weekend. The site spotted the couple heading to the Los Angeles airport with Halle’s daughter Nahla in tow, and claims they were heading off to France where they’ll make The Big Mistake, but they don't offer any other details.