JOHN TRAVOLTA  BEING SUED FOR SEXUAL ASSAULT: JOHN TRAVOLTA is being sued by a male masseur who claims the actor tried to get all smoove up with him during a massage session.  The man, identified as "John Doe" in the federal lawsuit, claims Travolta inappropriately touched him during a massage session at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

According to court documents, midway through the session Travolta began rubbing the man's leg and touching his junk.

The masseur claims he told Travolta he did not have sex with his clients, but that Travolta wasn't having it and offered to do a "reverse massage." The suit goes on to allege Travolta pleasured himself and told the masseur he got to where he was "due to sexual favors he had performed when he was in his Welcome Back Kotter days." The masseur is seeking $2 million plus punitive damages.

IN DENIAL - JOHN TRAVOLTA REFUTES SEXUAL ASSAULT CLAIM: Yesterday Travolta's rep issued a denial saying, "This lawsuit is a complete fiction and fabrication. None of the events claimed in the suit ever occurred." In fact, the rep says Travolta was thousands of miles away on the East Coast when the incident allegedly went down. The rep adds that once the case is thrown out, John “will sue the attorney and Plaintiff for malicious prosecution.”

COVER SHOT: TOM CRUISE graces the cover of "W" magazine as his character from "Rock of Ages" -- complete with fake tattoos, guyliner and an AMAZING 49 year-old body ...

LINDSAY LOHAN SETTLES BATTERY CASE: LINDSAY LOHAN has settled that battery lawsuit brought against her by a former Betty Ford Clinic worker. Dawn Holland claimed Linds assaulted her in 2010 when she tried to administer a Breathalyzer on the actress.  TMZ says the case was settled for an undisclosed amount and that Lindsay, who insists she was provoked by Holland, "paid something to make it go away."


WATCH RUSSELL BRAND STRIKE BACK AT 'KATY PERRY' HECKLER: If you ever get the chance to see RUSSELL BRAND do his stand-up comedy act be warned ... you don’t want to heckle him. During a performance in New Jersey over the weekend, one audience member did just that, and when he shouted out the name of Russell’s ex KATY PERRRY, Brand had enough and struck back.

"I want to see what this person looks like, turn the lights on for me because I really want to achieve some sort of confirmation,” began Russell's rant. “Let's see how your mental illness looks in the daylight. I know on some level, despite your physical appearance to an ape, that you're a human being," he said. "I think silence is your friend. I think keep your lips firmly, firmly clamped together. Because everything that comes out of your mouth, from your idiotic announcements to your disgusting halitosis that's coming through this room, is an abomination."

MIRANDA LAMBERT SHOWS US HER TWEETS - FORGIVES ASHTON KUTCHER: Last month, after ASHTON KUTCHER showed up at the ACMs wearing some silly Western outfit while warbling through GEORGE STRAIT'S "I Cross My Heart", MIRANDA LAMBERT took to Twitter and put him on blast. After Ashton heard about it, he hit up Twitter to apologize, writing, "Miranda Lambert, I am one of the biggest country music fans you've ever met. Wasn't making fun at all."

Well, the whole thing is officially forgotten because they ran into each other at a Kentucky Derby gala and Miranda tweeted a photo of her and Ashton with their heads pressed together. She captioned it, quote, " [Ashton's Twitter name] Here it is, y'all. He is sweet and lives country music! For real!"

KIM, HALLE AND THE ORANGE BIKINI - WHO WORE IT BEST?: Bikini pictures of KIM KARDASHIAN from her Mexican vacation last month are STILL trickling out. Here’s one of them ...

Naturally, everyone's comparing Kim's orange bikini to the one HALLE BERRY wore in the 2002 James Bond flick "Die Another Day". So who wore it best? We Report, You Decide …

BABY POOP - FIRST PHOTOS OF CHARLIZE THERON'S BABY: X17 Online has published the first pictures of CHARLIZE THERON’S son Jackson. Charlize was out doing publicity for "Snow White And The Huntsman" when the pictures were snapped. Click on "X17 Online" above to peep the pics.

BABY POOP - PEARL OSBOURNE MAKES HER MAGAZINE DEBUT: OZZY'S son, JACK OSBOURNE, and fiancée Lisa Stelly are showing off their two-week-old daughter Pearl in the pages of Hello! magazine.  Baby Pearl’s first official photo features not only her parents, but grandma SHARON OSBOURNE, who's the one actually holding the infant.