CORY MONTEITH DRINKING BEFORE DEATH: This may be the first big clue in the death of CORY MONTEITH -- according to TMZ, he was drinking about a week before his death.


Cory, who'd been open about his substance abuse issues, was reportedly knocking back a few beers at a coffee house and clothing store for motorcycle aficionados. The owner tells TMZ that Monteith spent a few hours there and had a few beers, but was not wasted or out of control. The visit came on July 6th, the same day Cory checked into Vancouver's Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel where he was found dead over the weekend.

R.I.P. - CORY MONTEITH: Authorities hope to know more today about what caused the death of actor CORY MONTEITH, who was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room by hotel staff at around noon Saturday after he missed check-out time. The obvious suspect here is a drug overdose, as Cory had a history of substance abuse and had recently spent a month in rehab after checking himself in this past March.

Cory was in Vancouver reportedly to visit his mother, and had been hanging out with friends in his room Friday night before they all went out together. He returned alone early Saturday morning, and Canadian authorities believe he died alone in his room. An autopsy is scheduled for later today.

LEA MICHELE 'DEVASTED': Cory's "Glee" co-star and real-life girlfriend LEA MICHELE is understandably overwhelmed with shock and grief. Her rep issued a statement asking everyone to "kindly respect Lea's privacy during this devastating time." A source adds that Lea is, quote, "absolutely hysterical and completely inconsolable [and] devastated beyond belief."

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GLEE CAST AND CELEBRITIES REACT: Others on the Glee cast were equally stunned by the news, and some took to Twitter to express themselves. MARK SALLING, who plays Puck on Glee:

DOT MARIE JONES, who plays Coach Beiste on Glee:

GLEE ‏(official Twitter):

A ton of celebrities took to their Twitter pages to express their grief as well. Most, however, just Tweeted the trite and overused “thoughts and prayers” sentiment. SELENA GOMEZ’S Tweet was a bit more poignant and was accompanied with a photo of herself and Cory hugging at the 2011 Kids' Choice Awards.

MAZEL TOV! - HALLE BERRY AND JIMMY KIMMEL: There were two big celeb weddings over the weekend. HALLE BERRY and OLIVIER MARTINEZ got married on Saturday at a chateau in France. This is the third marriage for the actress, who was previously married to baseball player David Justice and singer Eric Benet.
No official photos have been released, but People published a couple of paparazzi shots on thier website: (

The same day in Southern California, JIMMY KIMMEL and his girlfriend Molly McNearney also made The Big Mistake -- Kimmel for the second time. Unlike the Berry-Martinez union, Jimmy and Molly wed in front of family and a ton of celebrity friends, including MATT DAMON, JENNIFER ANISTON, AND ELLEN DEGENERES. (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

WATCH MARIAH CAREY LEAVING HOSPITAL: MARIAH CAREY posted this video of herself being wheeled out of the hospital in a gown and full makeup after being checked out and treated for the dislocated shoulder she suffered after a fall while filming the "#Beautiful" remix video. Anyone else think she's high as kite on painkillers?

Mimi, by the way, performed at a Hurricane Sandy benefit yesterday as expected. Like a true diva, she wore three different outfits and three different matching slings for her dislocated shoulder ...

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Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images
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SOFIA VERGARA SHOWS US HER PICS: SOFIA VERGARA posted a photo of what it takes to get prettied up when you’re an A-list TV star. "Getting pretty," the actress wrote of her scary-looking spa treatment ...


AHHH!!! Erase, erase, erase! Go to my a happy place, go to my happy place! *Sigh* Much better.

NEW COUPLE ALERT - JENNY MCCARTY IS DATING A KID ... A NEW KID, THAT IS: How's this for a random celebrity hook-up ... JENNY MCCARTHY is currently dating New Kids on the Block member and "Blue Bloods" co-star DONNIE WAHLBERG. "Yes, they recently started dating and are having a lot of fun," a source tells Us Weekly.

The romance apparently started back in March, when Donnie appeared on Jenny's VH1 series, "The Jenny McCarthy Show". They sucked on red lollipops together while discussing dirty talk in the bedroom.


On a related Jenny McCarthy note ... It's official, Jenny will be co-hosting The View this fall. ABC and Barbara Walters just made the announcement. There's still no word on who else will be joining. The show had two chairs to fill with the departures of Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

WATCH CARLY REA JEPSEN THROW OUT TERRIBLE FIRST PITCH: CARLY RAE JEPSEN threw out the first pitch at a Tampa Bay Rays game yesterday, and it was, as the kids like to say, an epic fail. She basically spiked it into the ground, and it rolled toward the first-base dugout.

SEXUAL ASSAULT FOUNDTION vs. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - WHO YOU GOT?: A foundation called Take Back the Night, which raises awareness of domestic abuse and sexual assault, is not happy with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE; more specifically, the title of JT’s new song. The song, you see, is titled "Take Back the Night" and the foundation has a problem with that. "Everyone at Take Back the Night is really shocked, because normally, we get asked when people want to use the name,” a rep for the group says. They also don’t like the super-sexy nature of the song."The lyrics are definitely very sexual,” adds the rep. “And not at all clearly anti-sexual violence.”