CELEBRITIES IN TROUBLE - CHRIS BROWN: Word is singer Frank Ocean wants Chris Brown prosecuted for punching him Sunday night at a Los Angeles-area recording studio.

Initial reports claimed the brawl started after Ocean called RIHANNA a "ho", but a spokesperson for the L.A. Sheriff's Department says it was over a parking spot. Although no charges have been filed, the spokesman said Ocean is, quote,"desirous of prosecution in this incident." Chris, his lawyer says, is desirous of telling his side of the story. TMZ says attorney Mark Geragos has already contacted detectives to make arrangements. The site says Geragos believes surveillance camera footage proves Chris's innocence.

It reportedly reveals Brown acting calmly and not throwing a punch. But the same could be said of Frank Ocean, who is also standing on the sidelines. Members of their entourages, however, are seen inside the lobby going at it. So why did Chris hightail it once the cops were called to the scene? He’s reportedly under strict orders by his attorney to immediately evacuate any scene where trouble occurs.

If Brown is prosecuted, it'll be bad news for Chris who is already serving five years probation for the beat down he gave Rhianna in 2009. If charges are filed, it's likely that Brown's probation will be revoked.

Meanwhile ... Both Frank and Chris hit up their social media sites of choice to comment on the incident. Frank Tweeted, quote, "Got jumped by Chris and a couple guys. LOL." LOL? Me, I would've gone with an OMG.

Brown hit up his Instagram account to post the image below of Christ on the cross and the message, "Painting the way I feel today," which I assume means he feels like he's be crucified again? Whatever, dude.


CELEBRITY WARDROBE MISHAPS - AMANDA SEYFRIED: If you're going to wear a see-through black dress, and you know photographers are going to be taking pictures of you, you should probably re-think how you get in and out of cars. Right, AMANDA SEYFRIED? Amanda showed off a good bit of her rear while getting into a car at the SAG Awards Sunday night. (PHOTO)

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

TAYE DIGGS STOPS THIEF: "Private Practice" star TAYE DIGGS single handedly caught a guy who was trying to break into his Los Angeles pad the other night. According to TMZ, Diggs got home from the Screen Actors Guild Awards at about 11:00 P.M. Sunday night and found some dude in his house. And instead of avoiding a confrontation, Taye went right at the guy, who took off running. Taye chased him down and held him until cops arrived. My hero!

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ASHTON KUTCHER, MILA KUNIS MOVING TO LONDON: MILA KUNIS and ASHTON KUTCHER are leaving the country, but the real question is, will they return to the States as husband and wife?

Mila will be shooting a movie across the pond for at least six months and Ashton decided he didn't want to be without her for that long so he's tagging along. Rumors are swirling that he's ready to play house with Mila permanently, and a so-called Hollywood insider says Ashton is ready to kick-start the stalled divorce proceedings with DEMI so he can pop the question to Mila.

JAMIE-LYNN SIGLER ENGAGED: Former Sopranos star JAMIE-LYNN SIGLER has gotten engaged. Sigler announced she is now betrothed to boyfriend Cutter Dykstra, an infielder for the Washington Nationals, on Twitter Monday, with a picture of her and Cutter and the sparkly ring he gave her. This will be the second marriage for Sigler, who divorced hubby #1 in 2006.