CHARLIE SHEENANIGANS - SETTLEMENT: The whole CHARLIE SHEEN / "Two and a Half Men' mess may truly be over. Several sites are reporting that Charlie is close to settling his $100 million lawsuit against Warner Bros.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Charlie will get a lump sum payment of $25 million for services he’s already performed. In return, Charlie will drop his wrongful termination lawsuit, as well as any other legal claims. In addition to the initial payment, TMZ reports that Charlie will also get back his syndication profits, which could come out to about $100 million in the next seven to ten years. 'Men' creator Chuck Lorre, who was named in the suit, will pay nothing. Chuck 1, Charlie 0


RELATIONSHIP REPORT - WHEN IS JESSICA SIMPSON GETTING MARRIED???: In the age of quicky weddings and month long engagements, JESSICA SIMPSON and Eric Johnson are causing quite a stir. Jessica and Eric got engaged last November and have yet to announce or set a date for their wedding.

Reportedly, it’s because Jessica is having a hard time deciding what type of wedding she wants, and that, sources say, is causing a rift in the relationship. According to "OK!", Jessica's friends are worried that she may end up single if she doesn't start making up her mind about what type of wedding she wants. Says a source, " The wedding isn't off. It's just on hold while Jessica sorts out some of the details. Jessica just can't seem to make up her mind about the dress, the location the food, you name it.”

BRITNEY SPEARS IS ENGAGED!!! IN HER NEW VIDEO: Turns out BRITNEY SPEARS *is* engaged. In her new video.

Britney is currently shooting the video for "Criminal" in London, and it starts off with her engaged to some dude. But the guy gets abusive with her at a party, so another man -- played by Britney's real-life boyfriend Jason Trawick, punches him out. Then Britney and Jason go on a crime spree together.


WATCH - DAVID BECKHAM GETS WOMEN TO SMELL HIS LEG: DAVID BECKHAM was on "Ellen" this past Friday, and she dressed him up in a disguise then sent him to Target to spray people with his new cologne.  At one point, she got him to spray his cologne on his pants, then convince women to smell his leg!!!

BABY POOP: Former 'Spice Girl' Melanie Brown is showing off her newborn daughter Madison on the cover of Hello! magazine ...

2. Wondering which last name Kimberly Stewart and Benecio Del Toro's baby will get? The kid's getting both -- Delilah Stewart Del Toro.


SHOW BIZ PHOTO LINKS: "Is REESE WITHERSPOON Pregnant With Baby Number Three?" X17Online wonders. You decide.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE  and JESSICA BIEL pictured together again. This time in New York City. Yesterday ... JENNIFER ANISTON and her man were also spotted walking around NYC yesterday. Holding hands, no less!

JESSICA SIMPSON and fiance Eric Johnson hand-in-hand while on a stroll in the Hollywood Hills this morning with their canine companion ... LADY GAGA at MetLife stadium last night watching the Giants take on the St. Louis Rams.