RIHANNA, BROWN EXCHANGE TAUNTING TWEETS, ICY INSTAGRAMS: The on again-off again RIHANNA and CHRIS BROWN waged a war of wars on Twitter and Instagram over the weekend, with Rihanna seemingly taking the first shot.


RiRi posted a photo to Instagram with the caption: “If I drop all my hoes for you and we still don’t work out you owe me some hoes.” Brown tweeted back: “She’s not mine if she’s everybody else’s.” On Saturday, Rihanna went back on Instagram and wrote: “Bad girls want a real n***aaa… Cuz real n***az just wanna phuck.” Your move Chris.

BROWN’S CREEPY CURBSIDE ART SCARING NEIGHBORHOOD KIDS: We know he’s more than a handful as a boyfriend, but now CHRIS BROWN is being accused of being a bad neighbor for putting up what some call disturbing artwork along a fence at his Hollywood Hills home.


CELEBRITIES SHOW US THEIR MOTHER'S DAY PICS: Celebrities, they're just like us! They too celebrated Mother's Day with their children, and some of them even shared the personal pics on their social media page.

GISELE BUNDCHEN posted a pic of her own and her daughter Vivian's toes ...


PINK Tweeted out a photo of herself with daughter Willow and the caption "Thank you @hartluck for giving me the greatest gift of my life, my reason to celebrate today" ...


GIULIANA RANCIC posted a photo of son Duke. "Best. Morning. Ever!"she captioned it ...


WATCH KANYE RUN HEADFIRST INTO A STREET SIGN: KANYE WEST ran headfirst into a street sign the other day while trying to avoid getting his picture taken. Kanye and KIM KARDASHIAN were out in Beverly Hills on Friday, and as usual they were being hounded by the paparazzi. Unfortunately for Kanye, he had his head down and didn't see the "severe tire damage" sign as he rolled up on it and he smacked into it head first! TMZ has video, but sadly, the photogs didn't capture the actual moment of impact.

Initially, Kanye didn't go off the guys as hard as you'd imagine he would ... but when he came out of the restaurant later, he went ballistic. He charged at one guy, screaming, quote, "Don't take [a effing] 'nother photo, man! Don't take another [effing] photo man! Don't take no photos! Stop it! All of you mother[effers] stop it, man!"

Kanye ended up with a little gash on his forehead. (PHOTO)

On a related Kardashian note ... sister KHLOE and LAMAR ODOM joined the celebrity swatting victims club on Friday. TMZ says police raced to the couple's home with guns drawn after they received a call that Lamar was shot by a friend. Cops found Lammie alone at home, and unharmed.

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - LINDSAY LOHAN READY TO BOLD REHAB: LINDSAY LOHAN isn't even two weeks into her 90-day court-ordered rehab stint and already she's threatening to leave. TMZ claims Linds is furious that The Betty Ford Center has cut off her supply of Adderall.

I have no idea if this is even remotely true, but by Lindsay Lohan standards, it's not that far-fetched. Supposedly, after evaluating her, doctors at the center decided she doesn't need her pills, despite LoHo's claims she suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. They believe there are substitute meds she can take that don’t have the addictive qualities of Adderall. Word is Linds is bugging out and has been telling friends she wants to move to another facility. At this point, though, it's highly unlikely a judge will let her leave.

WATCH KATY PERRY GYRATE WITH JAGGER IN VEGAS: KATY PERRY joined MICK JAGGER and the Rolling Stones for a sexy rendition of “Beast of Burdon” on Saturday at the band’s Las Vegas stop. Fan footage shows a thigh-high leather boot-wearing Perry bumping and grinding with the 69-year old Jagger. Perry later tweeted: “Yes, I just did gyrated (sic) on Mick Jagger. WHAT?!”

WATCH: KENDRA WILKINSON, former Miss Alabama and "Splash" contestant KATHERINE WEBB, and "Real Housewives of Orange County" housewife ALEXIS BELLINO went on JAY LENO'S "Tonight Show" on Friday to play Jay’s patented “Battle of the Celebrity All Stars” trivia contest. Let’s just say If they're not playing dumb on purpose, well, then it's a good thing they're hot.