WATCH BRITNEY SPEARS GIVE FAN A LAP DANCE: It appears BRITNEY SPEARS was inspired by one of RIHANNA's recent stage antics because at her L.A. show last night she gave one lucky male fan an on-stage lap dance ...

Or maybe it's something she learned from her opening act, NICKI MINAJ, who previously gave onstage lap dances to LIL WAYNE and Phoenix Suns point guard STEVE NASH. Either way, the guy seemed to enjoy it ...

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE HAS BRITNEY'S BACK: In the latest issue of “Playboy,” JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is asked about a video comparison of the dance prowess (or lack thereof)of BRITNEY SPEARS circa 2001 and now, and he defended her, noting “If you pulled up a video I did from 2003, I couldn’t do the shit I did then either.” Well, PopDust – the creators of the original Britney video – took him up on that challenge. Watch both video comparisons HERE.

ROMANCE REPORT: Looks like ASHLEE SIMPSON has moved on and estranged husband PETE WENTZ can forget about winning her back. She's rumored to be dating "Boardwalk Empire" star Vincent Piazza. The two were recently spotted arm in arm and kissing while out in New York City. You think Jessica is jealous Ashlee found a man with a job?...

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS for Wednesday June 22 Include Meryl Streep and ‘Scrubs’ Donald Faison.

SURI CRUISE COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP – DOES SHE HAVE A $100,000 TREEHOUSE???!!!: Not long ago, word on the street was that Suri Cruise has a $150,000 shoe collection. Now, "In Touch" says TOM and KATIE have bought her a $100,000, fully-loaded treehouse.

Ok, technically, it's not a treehouse because it's not in a tree, but either way check out how pimped out it supposedly is: it's got electricity, running water and shag carpeting!!! Oh, and instead of a rope ladder, you get into the house by climbing a spiral staircase. Tom's rep denies the story. And he’s probably telling the truth. Poor little rich kid. Why the tabloid media gotta be like that? Let her eat her Penis Gummies in peace!!!

LINDSAY MAKING BANK WHILE ON HOUSE ARREST: It must be tough being LINDSAY LOHAN. While serving hard time in the comfort of her own home, Lindsay was able to at least make a few bucks making commercials!

Linds is said to have pocketed $25,000 from Beezid for a 18-second commercial she filmed on her couch. Actually, ad is 18 seconds but Lindsay only takes a mere EIGHT seconds to deliver her speech. To seal the deal, she also got 10-K to spend on the Internet auction site. Awesome! I hear she's had her eye on a necklace for some time!!! Hi-Yo!!!

QUOTE/UNQUOTE: "I'm obsessed with guys with tiny ears, they turn me on." -- KIM KARDASHIAN, in the new issue of "Heat" magazine. Does Kris have tiny ears? I've never really noticed. Here's a recent pic of the two. Does he?

WATCH KEITH URBAN FALL ON HIS BACKSIDE: KEITH URBAN is out on the road getting up close and personal on his” Get Closer" tour, so named because, um, he's going all out to, well, get closer.

Those who showed up to his Biloxi, Mississippi show last week got an added bonus: they got a nice view of Keith falling on his little backside. (--He hits the floor at the 24-second mark.)